• How Do You Spell True Success? M-O-M!

    Watch below as Dani spends time with two clients, Linda Potgieter and Lori Meyerson – each who found their true calling as a Mom – along with the most fulfilling lives and relationships they never imagined!

  • 10 Minute Tip: Master The Basics To Build Your Business

    Are you one of those people who wants to build your business but are concerned when, how or what to do? Tune in to this 10 minute tip to master the basics and actually start building your business, instead of just worrying about it!

  • If You Have To Hide It, Chances Are It’s Wrong!

    Tune in below as Dani shines a light on this “dirty, not-so-little secret” for a frank and honest discussion about the impact of pornography on our homes, families and lives!

  • 3 Smarter Moves Than Tax Refund “Splurging”

    Tax day is quickly approaching and everywhere you look, people are fighting over your “extra” money to get you to spend it with tax season sales, specials and in-your-face excuses trying to coax that money out of your hand.

  • Wanna Quit? You’re Not Alone!

    Tune in here as Dani shares countless examples of those who wanted to quit – including God, Himself – and how the constancy of His promises can bring you through anything!

  • Are You Always Playing “Spiritual Defense”?

    Let’s talk about your heart. When you’ve been hurt, especially by other people, it’s easy to put up a wall inside and try to guard your heart from experiencing that pain ever again.

  • Client Q&A: Carrie Walters

    “You’re going to be SOMEWHERE a year from now, why not make it a place you actually want to be?”

  • Workplace Loyalty Is A Two-Way Street!

    Watch below as Dani discusses the idea of employee – and employer – workplace loyalty, along with ideas on how to nurture that level of commitment!

  • You’ve Got To Believe To Succeed

    Let’s spend a moment exploring the importance of faith in business…. faith is not based on proof, and it needs no evidence… and we were all born with this precious gift of faith.

  • It’s ALWAYS A Matter Of “Mind Over Money”

    Dani unlocks the power of a “wealth” mindset and explains the important benefits of adopting a new mental attitude toward money in your life!