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It’s Thanksgiving today and as we’re getting ready to spend the day with great family and friends (and don't forget the GREAT food!), Dani and I just wanted to take a quick moment to say THANKS.

Thanks for being our client and for believing in yourself enough to WANT to change and improve. You are a special breed of person, maybe even a dying breed, who knows that personal responsibility is the first step in making a positive change and a difference in your life and the lives of others. 

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There are a LOT of things we are thankful for.

We are thankful for this great nation we live in, and to the many before us who sacrificed to give us a greater opportunity than they had.

We are thankful for the many freedoms we still have in this world and the opportunity to fight to keep them.

We are thankful for our health and for a living God that hears our prayers and is faithful to deliver us from the pit of despair.

We are thankful for our family and friends, who love us through thick and thin.

We are thankful for the many blessings and provision that has been given to us to make our lives better, but more importantly to bless others in far greater need than we are.

We are thankful for our mental health, and a fiery entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to come up with creative ideas and solutions to tough problems and the willingness to try with no guarantee of success.

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We are thankful for all those who believe in us, who pray for our protection and for the Wisdom and Love from above that lights our path and shows us the way of Truth. 

We are thankful for our employees, who believe in the vision and mission of this company and who have dedicated themselves and their lives to making a difference in this world through Call To Freedom International.

And we are thankful for you, that you have given us your trust to make a difference in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving – may the Author of Life bless you with eternal love, grace and peace that surpasses all understanding!

From Hans & Dani
– and our kids too (Arika, Cabe, Roman & Micah)

An attitude of gratitude is one of the keys to real blessing in life!! Tell us what you’re thankful for by posting your comments below!

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