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How To Defeat The Power Of Fear In Your Life

We broadcasted LIVE from The O2 arena (IndigO2) in London, UK Saturday April 25, 2010! If you have been gripped by fear and it has stopped you from fully living a life of freedom in every area of your life, tonight Dani will give you steps to overcome fear and not be under the control …

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School Systems: Homeschool, Public, or Private?

What’s the best environment to prepare kids to succeed? Listen as Dani explores three different options – home shcool, public school or private school – with listeners in the show that aired April 14th, 2010.        

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IndigO2 Arena Prepares For First Steps To Success

Dani is heading over to the arena that many famous recording artists such as Jon Bon Jovi, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, Eric Clapton has performed in and where Michael Jackson was scheduled to do his farewell tour ‘This Is It’. This is by far one of the most anticipated events of the year! The last …

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The Alarming Rates Of Teen Pregnancy

Sometimes it’s a choice between lie, hide or tell the truth. Hidden consequences to the choice we make have contributed to the alarming rates of teen pregnancy. Listen to Dani’s show from April 12th, 2010 as she uncovers these consequences and how to reverse the trend.    

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The Debt Cycle and How to Earn 16% in Your Money! (Part 1)

Money goes from dumb to smart. Ever hear that before? It may not be easy to hear – but Dani Johnson knows it to be true. Big credit card companies, banks, retail stores and even our own government continue to entice people worldwide into a sinister form of slavery – debt. And what Dani has …

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Balance Life With Success

Listen to Dani as she reveals how to balance your life with success without increasing your hours or stress. This show aired April 7th, 2010.        

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Where We Learn To Spend

Dani talks about a current event that begs the question “Where do we learn to spend from?” This show aired April 5th, 2010.