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Are You Ready To Take Your Home Business To The Next Level In 2010?

This is a very important post that requires your action!

You may have noticed, we’ve made some BIG updates to our websites recently. If you’re in a home based business, we believe these changes will help you grow your business faster and easier than before by giving you a way to;

    1. Access Dani’s best training content more easily and quickly,
    2. Share it with others more easily AND,
    3. Share in our revenue by doing so.

There’s a lot of details in this post, all of them are VERY important (you might want to print this out)!


Below are some of the topics that will be discussed on the webcast. I’ve given you a breakdown of each item below in case you can’t attend. But I highly recommend you attend the webcast if possible so I can get your feedback and answer your questions personally. Site Changes and Insider™ Membership!

You may have noticed the recent changes to our main site, What used to be a "doorway" or "portal" to our many other training sites (like, has now become our "1 stop shop" domain where we’ve been actively publishing new content to better serve our clients and "Groom You For Success In Everyday Life".

To that end, we will no longer be publishing Home Business training content on the domain effective immediately.

Instead, we have moved ALL Dani Johnson home business training content (including some new, never before published material) from the website to (viewed under the Home Business tab).

We have built an entire network (that we are adding to weekly) of success tips, articles, audios and videos for Everyday Life, Finance, Career, Spiritual and Home Business training that you can access on a single website. The new format and layout will allow us to help you achieve your goals more quickly because the best training is in one place and easier to find without scrolling through pages of ads and announcements first to access it.

While we still plan to publish a number of free articles, audios, videos and reports (we are interested in your feedback which calls should remain open and available to the public that’s one reason why you need to be on the webcast above), the MASSIVE VAULT of success training material on this site will be available to our Insider™ members only.

As a Insider™ member, you’ll have unlimited access to what is the internet’s largest private success vault of information guaranteed to transform your life including 100′s of MP3′s, Videos, Articles and more to help you succeed faster in your home business, career, financial, spiritual and everyday life!

The Insider™ is our premium content membership (it replaces and ads to the WorkAtHomeProfitZone. com membership, explained further on the webcast) and is just $4.95/month (that’s just one Starbucks visit, think about it, we are talking about content that can change EVERY area of your life forever for just $4.95 a month). You can cancel anytime.

You Can Get A Free 10 Day Trial Subscription To Insider™ Here. <— click that link to register and access the entire Dani Johnson Home Business training vault as a Insider™ member now!


Home Business Affiliate Program!

Ok, I have to admit, this is where it gets exciting.

What If…

  • What if there was a way for you to share in the revenue of the home business industry’s #1 selling success tool? (a tool you are very likely already heavily promoting to your new prospects and recruits because it flat out works and gets results!)
  • What if there was a way for you to personally and financially benefit from our success?
  • What if there was a way for you to do more than just partner with what many industry leaders feel is, "the best trainer in the industry bar none"?? (and by partner I’m talking about more than just in a figurative sense, I’m talking about in a way that can actually put revenue into your pocket while building your personal business!)
  • What if there was a way for you to generate extra revenue every single day to subsidize your home business marketing, advertising, training and expansion costs, even if people say NO to joining your primary opportunity? (If you "catch" the huge leverage behind this strategy combined with plugging into Dani’s training, you could be able to increase your home business or network marketing company commissions by 4 fold (or more) this year, seriously)

Got your attention yet? Good. Keep reading…

Imagine, you’ve talked to and exposed your business TODAY to 10 new people (via your website, internet/social media marketing, phone calls and all the various other offline and online methods of exposure (warm market, referrals, 3 foot rule, post cards and flyers, home parties and presentations, emails, etc. etc.).

And for whatever reason, you’re not having a good day. No one has signed up in your primary program.

But… you still made money, over $100 in profits. How would this be possible if you never actually signed anyone up in your business? Well it is possible and it might actually even be… (God forbid) easy.

We have just launched TODAY, our DaniJohnson. com/Call To Freedom International Home Business Affiliate Program, giving you an opportunity to earn cash for GIVING AWAY FREE Dani Johnson home business training material.

Yes, you read that correctly.

You can now earn cash for GIVING AWAY FREE training content from the industries number one success coach and trainer. <<— you might want to read that sentence again a few more times icon wink Call To Freedom Intl Launches Home Business Affiliate Program!

Here’s how it works.

We’ve created a custom offer for your visitors where they can download 3 of Dani’s most popular training MP3s, 100% free.

The program works like this;

  1. You register as an affiliate here, takes about 23 seconds.
  2. After you register, log into your Account Manager and access our turn-key marketing tools (link is provided on your confirmation page after registering). Grab your affiliate link and copy/paste a couple text links, email promos or banner ads into your website. You can also use our built in refer-a-friend tool if you don’t have your own website or email list too. Takes about 3 minutes, 17 seconds.
  3. Your affiliate link will direct your visitors to an offer page located here, where they can receive a download of Dani Johnson’s 3 Quick Start Training MP3′s which include:
    • Quick Start Training #1 – The Most Important Secret For Your Success!
    • Quick Start Training #2 – How To MAX OUT Your Opportunity!
    • Quick Start Training #3 – How To Make Money Right Now

Now Here’s Where It Gets Interesting!

After your visitor registers to receive their FREE MP3′s they will be presented with an offer to purchase Dani Johnson’s Prospecting & Closing Script Book™ which is our number one selling home business success tool and arguably the industry’s top selling success tool of all time.

We have made the Script Book offer a one-time-only, irresistible offer because they will not only get the Script Book, but they’ll also get 7 bonuses valued at over $350 with their purchase. You have to see these bonuses, one of them cannot be purchased or accessed anywhere on our site at this time, and when it was available (for a VERY short period of time), thousands of people paid $97 to have this information (it’s worth a lot more than that frankly). Getting it into the hands of your new prospect or rep for free is an insane opportunity!

If your referral (someone who clicks through your affiliate link) decides to accept the Script Book offer, you will receive 50% of the purchase price ($19.99).

Your referral will also have the ONE TIME CHANCE after checkout, to purchase Dani Johnson’s 6 Figures in 6 Months™ 10 CD Program (currently our 2nd best seller, sells for $97 here) and the Prospecting & Closing Script Book Supplemental™ (currently sells for $67 here) for the low price of just $97 (a $164 value, they are getting the Script Book Supplemental™ for FREE!). (Notice: This offer is subject to change at ANY time).

If your referral accepts this offer, you will also receive 50% of this purchase price too ($48.50).

That is potentially $68.50 per visitor you send to the free Quick Start Training Download page with your affiliate link, even if that person NEVER joins your primary opportunity!

Now think about this for a minute…

Chances are, you are already talking about and promoting Dani’s training to your prospects, new reps and clients throughout the day as you build your home based business.

What we are giving you is an opportunity to make a substantial amount of cash each and every month to help subsidize, supplement and compliment your existing primary opportunity by simply GIVING AWAY free information that can massively impact your prospects life and help them become profitable FAST in their business!!

What if you start taking your business seriously starting today, right now [[firstname]] by plugging into Dani Johnson home business training content, resources and events. And you really get committed to learning how to become a professional and as your business starts to grow, as you are talking to and presenting your opportunity and products to people daily, as an affiliate you start generating $500, $1000 or $2000 or more each month.

Now take that and reinvest it back into your training and advertising budget! You just exponentially increased your marketing and advertising budget to grow your primary opportunity. But the best part is, as you expose your business to more people, you also expose them to Dani’s training too. It’s a closed loop, hyper leveraged system. As your business and influence in the market place grows, you automatically generate more profits as an affiliate, which then continues to feed and increase your advertising budget for your primary business, which increases your affiliate profits, which increases your primary business and on and on it goes. This is HUGE for those of you who, like I said, "catch" this and run with it.

Ok. There’s more I could write about here, but we’ll discuss this more on our webcast Thursday night. In the meantime, feel free to get yourself registered as an affiliate now, the new system is live right now! Just remember, keep doing what you’re currently doing to build your business, just grab the turn-key marketing tools and start using your affiliate link while promoting Dani Johnson home business success training, it’s as simple as that.

Register As A Home Business Affiliate Here. <— click that link to get more info and become an affiliate now!

And don’t forget our webcast this Thursday (go back to the top and re-read this post!). I’m going to walk you through this entire thing visually and I’ll also be answering your questions too so you completely "get it". We truly believe this is going to help you grow a faster, stronger business in 2010 with Dani Johnson as your success coach and trainer right along side you the whole way!

Here are your action steps for this post:

  1. Watch the webcast I did above, post your questions or comments below.
  2. Subscribe as a Insider™ member to ensure you can continue to access the entire vault of Dani Johnson home business training
  3. Register as an affiliate and start getting paid cash to promote our FREE Dani Johnson home business training offers!

If you have any questions, please post them on the confirmation page AFTER you signup for the webcast above – thank you!

Talk soon!

Hans Johnson
CEO, Call To Freedom International


Below are some solutions for other questions you may be having;

Q: What about the existing rewards program?
A: Some of you have been promoting a rewards program that gives you points for your referrals to which you have been able to use as "dollars" when purchasing products or event tickets through

Effective immediately – we will no longer be offering "points" for confirmed memberships that you refer.

We will however (as stated above) be offering a 50% commission on select Dani Johnson’s best selling home business training tools for GIVING AWAY FREE information.

Any websites, blogs, ads, email signatures, etc that you currently have published with your original WorkAtHomeProfitZone referral link will still work to give you credit for the new affiliate program (you do not have to signup again as an affiliate).

However, we do encourage you to update your links with the new affiliate link located in your Account Manager. You will also see that we have provided a number of Affiliate Marketing Tools for you to use to promote the Free Quick Start Training MP3 downloads and get you on the path to making your traffic pay.


Q: How can we still provide free Dani Johnson training to our new prospects and reps?
A: There are a number of ways to do this.

  1. Become an affiliate and send them your link to download the free 3 Quick Start training calls/MP3s.
  2. Invite them to grab a 10 day free trial to the Insider™. They’ll have 10 days to browse and experience as much DJC training as they want (not just home business training but also career, finance and spiritual as well (content that was formerly available only on our and websites is all on DJC now and available to Insider™ members). If they want to keep the membership, it’s just $4.95/mo. If not, they can cancel anytime.
  3. Tell us what calls in the vault you want free and available to the general public and we’ll work to make them available either through an open (non protected) post, or through a custom offer page (like the 3 Quick Start MP3s) for your referrals.


Q: How can we replace the Monday night Dani Johnson training calls?
A: Become a Insider™ member, browse the home business training content to find the Dani Johnson training call you want your team to experience. Then simply schedule your own "Monday night training call" with your team featuring Dani Johnson (pre-recorded) training. Play your selected Dani Johnson training call on your team call (using the many different phone recording/playback devices on the market), just make sure you properly introduce Dani and give her credit for the training/content (ideally, use your affiliate link to promote the offers described above on the call!). To schedule Dani Johnson personally for a LIVE training call for your team, go here.


Here are your action steps for this post:

  1. Watch the webcast I did above, post your questions or comments below.
  2. Subscribe as a Insider™ member to ensure you can continue to access the entire vault of Dani Johnson home business training
  3. Register as an affiliate and start getting paid cash to promote our FREE Dani Johnson home business training offers!
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