April 19, 2010

The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing (Part 3)

In this article you will gain the necessary closing posture to treat rejection like water on a duck’s back. I’ll show you how to not get defensive when the objections […]


In this article you will gain the necessary closing posture to treat rejection like water on a duck’s back. I’ll show you how to not get defensive when the objections start flying at you. You will know what to say to turn those objections into sign ups. Here we go…

Mistake #8: You Have An Expectation Of Rejection.

By expecting rejection, you have filled a self proclaimed prophecy. You are now prophetic and pathetic! Carrying this expectation is like prophesying the worst case scenario. In the beginning of my career, I expected rejection and that is all I ever got. As soon as my expectation changed to me thinking “let’s just see what you’ve got”, my results began to change. My thoughts shifted to, “I know we’re going to raise up another leader and I’m going to fill this top position. If it’s you great, you are blessed. If it’s not then you can stay in your rut.” Now, I’m not going to say these words but I am going to carry the posture that “I’m not on trial buddy, you are. You need to prove to me that I should work with you.” This is not done with a prideful or arrogant spirit but with the authority of a business professional who expects a mutually respectful relationship where healthy boundaries are drawn.

Mistake #9: You Get Your Defenses Up When Handling Objections.

When the prospect gives you an objection like, “I need to think about it” or “I don’t have the money”, your posture changes but not for the better. All of the sudden, you get inflamed, start popping your chest and you are now going to prove to your friend that they do have the money because they just spent foolish money doing something stupid. You tell them that they should be investing their money into your business because it’s a smart decision. This will not get them to pull out their VISA or MasterCard.

Instead of getting defensive, you should agree with the prospect and ask them a simple question, “So Bob, is it that you are absolutely deadly serious about being able to pay off that debt and spend more time with your family and that you really have just fallen on some serious hard times? Or, are you just telling me that you don’t have the money because you’re not serious at all about being able to pay off your debt and you don’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me this isn’t for you?” Start by agreeing with them and then get them to reveal the truth behind their objections. After that, you continue to lead them down the path towards their needs, strengths and goals.

Mistake #10: You Forget To Ask The Closing Question Again After Handling Their Objections.

Once you have broken through the smokescreen of their objections and determined that they are serious about using your business to help them achieve their needs, strengths and goals, you then say, “Ok Bob, It sounds like you have some questions. What’s your first question? Second? Third? Bob, if I can answer your questions and your feel good and solid about the answers, are you ready to get yourself started right away?” This is a pre-close. After you answer the third question you ask, “Did that answer your questions? Great, welcome aboard. How do you want your name spelled on your checks, Bob or Robert?” You then proceed with the paperwork. It’s that simple!

There you have it, the 10 most common mistakes in closing. Being aware of these will help you achieve closing mastery so that you are ready to handle any objection and lead your prospects to their success journey with you in your business. You are closer than you think to reaching new heights in your business. Take this information and put it to good use so that together we can triumph in your success!

God Bless,

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