I was recently talking to a high school mate & he was talking about what to do next in his journey for success in business. He is a ‘budding’ internet entrepreneur who was seeking advice. I had shared with him that when I first started out I was on a MISSION to SUCCEED.

I PURSUED… like no one else at that time did. I put myself in front of experts no matter what the cost or inconvenience. As I look at all those whom I have trained up who have made 100’s of thousands or even MILLIONS of dollars, they all had that same quality. They have pursued success no matter the cost or the inconvenience. Those who are looking for free and convenient ways to make money are at home going broke!!

Those with me this weekend are the hungry PURSUERS who will do what my other students have done, MAKE TONS OF CASH FAST!!! The doubters will stay home and wait for things to happen while the PURSUERS go out and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!! The doubters will ‘watch’ or ‘read’ about the pursuers success. The pursuer winds up with the FAT BANK ACCOUNT and the RECOGNITION that automatically goes with it. Which one will you be? I’ll know if I see you in ATLANTA tomorrow. Nov 12-14th starting at 7pm.

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