Monthly Archives: May 2011


Discover How To Live A Great Life Now!

Listen to this radio show to figure out how to start living a great life! Right now!!


Bootleg First Steps Footage Tells All!

Whew! April was a busy month around the world – but what didn’t make the papers was the enormous ruckus coming out of the general Pittsburgh area!


Fail! With 7 All-Too-Easy Habits

In this classic Dani Johnson Monday Night Training Call, Dani teaches listeners how to break repetitive, harmful habits that keep them from achieving their true success!


Life by Design: What Picture are You Painting?

You’re the artist of your life! So what are you drawing now? Find out how to color outside the lines and start crafting a whole new picture for success!


Victim or Victor?

Ready to leave a life of victim of circumstances behind and begin to live as a victor?


Do NOT Settle for Less! Feat. Rob Larson

Listen to Dani interview special guest Rob Larson, who went from a high school drop out to a very successful businessman!


Successful Closing Is As Easy As A-B-C

Whether you’re in a job interview, on a sales call, or trying to get a deal tied up with a bow – you are always in a position to be closing. Discover the power you have to make it happen!


Prostitute to POWERHOUSE: Kristy Childs

Dani interviews former child prostitute victim now dedicated to freeing modern day sex trade slaves.