July 18, 2011

Are You an Authentic Leader?

Don’t take a break from changing your life and becoming a success! In this training call, Dani Johnson explains what makes an authentic leader, who knows how to grab at the low-hanging fruit.

It’s summer! Time to sit back, relax, catch a few rays and re-set your mind. Right?

Wrong. Well – that’s all right for some – but Dani Johnson believes that mindset is for people who are not committed to their profession and to success, the kind who use their downtime to step up and take charge. Instead, listen to this classic Monday Night Strategy Call, as Dani reveals what makes an authentic leader! Are you an authentic leader? What do you think?

Find out! Listen to Dani’s training call and learn the truth. Dani will discuss such topics as:

  • The signs of an authentic leader
  • The purpose behind your heart’s desires
  • What happens when you start walking towards the desires of your heart
  • What to do if your spouse doesn’t support you
  • How to set yourself apart for leadership
  • …. and more!

“There is a breed of people who are looking at the rest of the pack, and thinking: ‘This is harvest time,'” says Dani. “Now is the time to be looking for the business that is sitting there, the low-hanging fruit on the trees right now.”

That kind of person is going to tune into this training call aimed at authentic leaders — not just those who are always in charge, always forging forward for not just a piece of fruit, but the whole fruit tree! If others are distracted, that’s an opportunity for you!

Time to “quit going for the average, quit going for the small,” as Dani says. If you want bigger and better, you’re going to have to learn what it means to never settle for the environment of mediocrity that may surround you!

First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. Carol Edwards July 20, 2007

    I have listened to Dani for quite awhile. Sometimes, I wish I could just pull her through the phone and take her with me everwhere I go. This call is simply amazing, and really hits home. You always say just what I need to hear.

  2. Janina Bitz-Vasquez July 21, 2007

    Had a party that night and all stayed around to listen to this call. Now, one guest is focused on coming to 1st Steps in Atlanta. The others have plugged into the RiseToSuccess website and Dani Johnson. What a great call!

  3. Eunice December 5, 2007

    I feel like I’ve just left a healing clinic where a liquid-SMARTS drip was put in my arm. It’s like I’ve just had a colon-cleanse and now I can really get moving. You confirmed all that I suspected was truth. There really is no excuse. I have no excuse not to succeed at everything I put my mind and heart into. There is no excuse. Thank you!

  4. Christine Triffet March 6, 2008

    Hi Dani,

    Once again. Really motivating, and inspirational. This possibility thinking reminds me of my math classes in college. When I took Algebra, I didn’t do very well because it seemed elementary and yet confusing and complicated at the same time. You may be thinking, what IS she talking about. Well here it is… ‘

    A + B STILL = C. Let me say that again…A + B STILL = C.

    Interpretation. The ingredients of an equation has certain laws that PRODUCE certain results. If we do the ACTION, we will PRODUCE! Makes a lot of sense.

    This message particularly made sense with regard to the principle action of: ACTIVITY vs. PRODUCTIVITY!

    Powerful stuff! Once you can determine where to hit the ball, and at what degree, the goal is a hole in one. The challenge is to fine-tune each stroke so that it will get you closer to the hole which is the goal. In the meantime, you do a lot of walking toward the ball and toward the hole, which takes up a good deal of time. So. . . my philosophy is, “Enjoy the walk, cause you know with each step and stroke, you ARE going to get there”. AND don’t do it alone! Take a few friends with you. Amen? and Amen!

    God Bless,

  5. Michael Michelozzi September 4, 2008

    Teaching what is true to the human spirit and true to what motivates human behavior gives people a mirror from which they might catch a glimpse of their lives, their souls, and the habits that are producing what they have today. From that recognition people begin to see they can make changes that will have a profound impact in their lives. That’s what Dani holds up – that’s what this audio is about.

    Thank you


  6. Hema Davay September 6, 2008

    Logged onto this call. Highly inspirational! somehow you always know what to say to inspire people.
    Thanks for your great advice regarding the environment in which you work/produce, very important factor to success in whatever field you choose.

    Hema Davay

  7. Mary Jo Kalasky February 17, 2010

    Wow Dani, I just listened to this call. Over two years after this call has been posted, it is STILL speaking into my life. This call was the answer to something I have been praying about. Thank you for blessing me.

  8. Anissa Bustos May 8, 2011

    Oh man …. or maybe I should say Oh Lady!!! I am stepping in the right direction abandoning myself to the unknown of what FSTS has to offer and then a desire to move onto Dynasty! I have no idea what to expect but on April 11, 2011 (a Monday night live call) I committed to entrusting to you 12 months of my life to mentor me and I am ready!

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  10. Gudrun Smith July 16, 2011

    Thanks Dani, First Step to Success in St. Louis was great! I got my passion back! In my past I always reached my goals and got what I wanted. When I started with my Internet Business I was very fast qualified, but than I was told nobody spent money for that and my inside flame or passion was minimized and than I start listen to the Guru’s and nothing worked. Yes I made a little bit money, but not much. I had so much knowledge and the wisdom from my dad who created wealth after the age of 50, but I was not able to pull it all back together, The good news is that after this weekend and listen to Dani tapes I have it back, and now I have the tools to let my dream come true. Because now it feels right again and true business strategy, and I don’t feel guilty any more that I turned my back to the church, but never away from God.

  11. Golda Smith July 20, 2011

    Thank you for giving your time and talent to share with us Dani and Hans. I’m blessed to have met you and to be learning from you. May GOD continue to bless you.

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  13. Iran Lopez July 25, 2011

    the phone line is not working. Has a default loop. Neither 8011 or 8013.