Hand taking out a file labeled "Top Secret"

Whew! April was a busy month around the world – but what didn’t make the papers was the enormous ruckus coming out of the general Pittsburgh area!

So what was the cause of all that celebration? Dani Johnson’s “First Steps to Success” gathering, of course – where participants didn’t need to be at a royal wedding to know they were kings and queens of their own lives and businesses, thanks to serious dedication … and Dani!

Thanks to an intrepid videographer, we now have proof of what an event is like with Dani – video proof! Whether you’ve been to five “First Steps to Success” events or none, this special video tells the real story. Done with a hand-held camera in true guerrilla fashion, this 24-minute clip will show you what you’re missing by not coming out to “First Steps to Success.”

Here, a sample of the stories you’ll be inspired by when you watch this video:

  • A struggling actress who went to “First Steps” – and was able to book “gig after gig” and “recorded a CD” after listening to what Dani had to say – decided to try her hand in sales, where she roared onto the stage “with no skills or prior experience” she became a top salesperson at her job in 6 months, reported to the CEO in 9 months … “and I lost 63 pounds!”
  • A hairdresser who was overwhelmed by having to work “8 days a week” to make ends meet … listened to Dani’s “First Step” tips and advice and was able to go to three days a week and is now booked out three months in advance – then her internet business “exploded” and in less than two years she made $130,000, and helped her pay off $30,000 in debt in 18 months! As she said, “All I know is www.danijohnson.com!”

And that’s just a small taste! As Dani says, “Do you have excuses – or do you have results?”

Start getting those results right now – tap into this amazing look into some of what “First Steps” can offer you … and sign up here for the next major gathering July 9-10 in St. Louis, Missouri. You may not have known what you were missing before – but you do now!

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