Have you ever felt like someone does not understand you? Have you ever had your daughter, son, husband, sister, friend or boss completely misinterpret you? Have you ever believed that a relationship was too far gone to be restored?

Jane Mach used to feel that way. As a working mother and college student, she had too few hours in a day and was beyond discouraged. Anxiety continued to build as her business failed, boyfriend would not commit, and disgruntled children had no concept of all that she did with them in mind. Conflict was becoming a hobby with her budding teenager. Her daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder at thirteen. The medications that were supposed to aid recovery only made matters worse. Sarah soon found depression, suicide, and violent lashing out a part of her daily routine. Jane was at a loss. She did not know what to do, how to act, or what to say to someone she loved dearly but who firmly believed the opposite was true.

If disagreement, miscommunication, and not knowing what to do are also part of your regimen then listen to special guests, Jane and Sarah, on Dani’s Wednesday Radio Show. Their inspiring story is a must-hear and must-see! Remember, your change starts here!

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First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. radford fulton November 29, 2011

    dani johnson my name is radford fulton I AM homeless in new york city if GOD CAN BLESS YOU HE CAN BLESS ME TO I would like to come to your meetings but I HAVE no money and looking for a work so I can start my real estate investment business.

  2. Angela January 26, 2012

    Hi Dani,
    God is sooo good to all of us. But you know, sometimes I really don’t feel it. I have been married 4 yrs now. My first marriage and I can’t deal with it anymore. My husband is self employed. He does construction work. He hasn’t had any work for 3 1/2 yrs of our marriage. I have been working extra hard every year taking care of my own self employment, (house Keeping) and still taking care of everything at home as well. I am fortunate enough to not have any children at home. Praise God for not having me show I am about to just give up on life. I cant understand why my husband isnt working or making an effort to look for work. I am sure he has his reasons. One being that he said he isnt sure what God wants him to do. I feel like I cant’ spread myself any further to survive in my business, marriage or even my own life. I have been praying for God’s loving hand to pick me up and carry me because I am so weak now I just dont know how I can possibly go on. I feel tired, over worked, sad, angry,misunderstood, mistreated and I mistreat my husband. I dont even feel going to church anymore. I dont have anyone to go visit or to talk with on the phone. My husband on the other hand, has many people to talk with and most of them are fellow christians. I feel so very alone. I talk with God daily, hourly,but I get no reply. I have a $70,000 mortgage, I have to pay all monthly bills, I can’t afford health insurance or medical insurance for my husband and I. I can only get $20 worth of food bi-weekly. I have to pay for our vehicle insurance, also any bills my husband accumulates over a period of time. I owe his accountant over $3400. I dont know what to do. I barely have money to pay gas to get back and forth work. I really feel like just giving up on everything. I did purchase your book, “the first step to wealth” and it put me back to the point of my electric bill will be disconnected on Feb 7, 2012. I try to do the right things and it costs me more to do so. I have no more help, faith, or thrive to continue on. Please , help me to do something right.