Have you ever felt like someone does not understand you? Have you ever had your daughter, son, husband, sister, friend or boss completely misinterpret you? Have you ever believed that a relationship was too far gone to be restored?

Jane Mach used to feel that way. As a working mother and college student, she had too few hours in a day and was beyond discouraged. Anxiety continued to build as her business failed, boyfriend would not commit, and disgruntled children had no concept of all that she did with them in mind. Conflict was becoming a hobby with her budding teenager. Her daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder at thirteen. The medications that were supposed to aid recovery only made matters worse. Sarah soon found depression, suicide, and violent lashing out a part of her daily routine. Jane was at a loss. She did not know what to do, how to act, or what to say to someone she loved dearly but who firmly believed the opposite was true.

If disagreement, miscommunication, and not knowing what to do are also part of your regimen then listen to special guests, Jane and Sarah, on Dani’s Wednesday Radio Show. Their inspiring story is a must-hear and must-see! Remember, your change starts here!

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