November 19, 2011

Easy Ways To Save During The Holidays

Watch Dani on Channel 8’s Capital insider in Washington, DC. Discover how to save and why avoid Black Friday.


Dani Johnson was featured on Channel 8’s popular show Capital Insider where she discussed some easy ways you can save during the holidays. Discover how you can stay out of debt this holiday season and why you should skip Black Friday.

“From October on, it’s basically three months of excess. Whether it’s what you eat (candy for Halloween, Thanksgiving feast or Christmas cookies) or how much you spend (costumes, presents and travel), this year Capital Insider wants to teach you how to do more with less. Dani Johnson, financial guru and star of ABC’s Secret Millionaire, explains why you don’t have to over indulge for the holidays. Also, if you plan on spending on Black Friday, Dani has a few reasons why you should just stay home. We promise there will be plenty of presents under the tree.” From the article written by Rebecca Schatz

Watch this video as Dani highlights how you can avoid the trap that most Americans fall into every year.

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