November 9, 2011

Financial Fumble: Why More Money Won’t Solve Your Problems

Many believe that an increase in salary will decrease their financial burdens or that a larger paycheck will solve their…


Do you believe more income will ease your stress? Pay off your debt? Qualify you for investments? Enable you to give generously? If so, you are not alone.

Many believe that an increase in their salary will decrease their financial burdens. Many think a larger paycheck will solve their monetary issues. This belief is widely propagated and many people have nothing but a depleted bank account to reveal the costly truth. Though thorough reasoning and well-rehearsed excuses can justify this way of thinking, a universal truth is: money cannot buy happiness, or success.

There are many people, like NFL quarterback Mark Brunell, who have made substantial incomes but have nothing but bankruptcy to show for it. Celebrities and athletic stars alike have track records of fumbling the ball and crumbling under pressure. This is not about slamming the sports industry; rather, it is about learning how to live within means and create wealth from current resources.

As Dani Johnson teaches in her “War on Debt” program, whether you are a single mom on a finite budget, or a superstar with an outsized salary, you are a player on a leveled playing field. The outcome of the game has only one variable: you.

If you desire to pick up the fumbled ball and go-all-the-way, then listen to this Dani Johnson Radio Show! Remember, your change starts here!

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