January 31, 2011

Start Your New Prospect With 7 Simple Strategies

Dani Johnson will be role playing and outlining a step-by-step plan you can follow to get your new prospect started and making money within the first 48 hours.


No one can go it alone in a successful business forever. Whether you’re home-based with your business or operating out of an office, at some point your success will lead you to bring in new business partners. But how do you get them up to speed? In this Monday Night Strategy Call, Dani role-plays and outlines a step-by-step plan with 7 simple strategies you can follow to get your new hire started – and making money quickly – because when they’re making money, you’re making money!

In this call, you’ll discover:

  • How to qualify your new prospect before they start
  • 3 specific things to outline on your first meeting to set up a recruit for success
  • How to cut 6 months off their learning curve
  • And how to assume the posture and attitude that will earn a professional income level

Ready to learn how to start? Then … start!

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