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Are you out of proportion?

To put it bluntly – is your gut too big but your wallet too small?

Well, get ready to shrink and grow, in all the right areas. Listen to this amazing Monday Night Strategy Call, as Dani Johnson shares “How to Lose Weight … and Save Money…Now!”

“You can set yourself up to succeed, or you can set yourself up to fail,” is one of Dani’s great mantras, and she uses it again here in this motivating, inspirational and kick-butt call full of personal stories that you’ll want to listen to again and again! Get ready to take the fat from your waistline and put it where it’ll work — in your bank account!

In this classic call, Dani tells you how not to slide off your dietary decisions, but also says: “Let’s say you’ve screwed up and fall off the bandwagon, guess what? No big deal. The next day you start eating with self-control the next day. One cheat is not enough to throw in the towel. That is a plan for failure.”

And you’re not going to fail, are you? You’re here for success in every area of your life — starting right now!

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