February 7, 2011

Keys to Mastering that Initial Contact

Learn the #1 purpose of mastering the initial contact, regardless of what business you are in, and how to identify your prospects needs, strengths and goals.


First impressions are everything, which means the initial contact you make with a person can make – or break – your future relationship with them.

Listen to this important Monday Night Strategy Call below as Dani Johnson shows you the No. 1 way to master that first impression – regardless of what business you’re in!

In this important call, Dani will outline the exact steps you should take to:

  • Qualify your prospect
  • Make connections immediately
  • Identify your prospect’s needs, strengths and goals
  • And how to handle both warm market and cold market contacts

Ready to start? 3… 2… 1… contact!

Once you listen to the audio, post a comment below and let us know how this helped you get your new prospect started making money immediately.

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