Growing up, Stuart Lynn (pictured here with Dani) says he had it all — a real “Leave it to Beaver” childhood in Texas. But like many of us, failing to reach the expectations others have for you can sometimes derail your real plans, hopes and dreams. By the time Stuart decided he needed Dani Johnson’s help and advice, he was over $85,000 in debt and living paycheck to paycheck.

“You’ve done everything everyone told you to do, but you’re still not doing well,” he remembers.

But after working with Dani, Stuart started his own company that now makes hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, and he’s learned such incredible tricks as how to support his wife and eight kids on just $100 of groceries each week! Do you think you could manage something like that?

Find out by listening to the recording below! Stuart joined Dani as her live guest on this Wednesday Radio Show. His story will make you realize that it’s okay to re-create your own expectations and not just live up to them, but exceed your wildest dreams of what you can do and how successful you can be. Remember, your change starts here!

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