Dani Johnson paid East Tennessee a visit Thursday after giving a local non-profit a $40,000 donation more than a year ago.

She appeared on the television show, “Secret Millionaire”, and donated money to the Joy of Music School. The school, which is located near downtown, provides students with free music lessons.

Johnson said she decided to donate the money because of the impact music had on her life. “I was shocked when I came in and I found out what this was about,” Johnson said. “I had no idea that anything like this even existed.”

The Joy of Music School said the donation helped them get out of a budget crunch. Now, the school wants to focus on getting more volunteer teachers. It has 65 teachers, but it would like 100.

“We’ve got anywhere from 50 to 100 kids waiting for a phone call from us ‘saying we’ve found you a volunteer music teacher, you can meet him here at the building next week,” said Executive Director Frank Graffeo.

The Joy of Music School has 166 students. It also teaches students through an outreach program affiliated with the Boys & Girls club.

During the Secret Millionaire episode, Johnson also donated money to The Love Kitchen where she visited with both of the owners Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner on Thursday as well.

Dani Johnson is author of the brand new book "First Steps To Wealth" which is available at Dani as well as her other best selling books "Grooming the Next Generation for Success" and "Spirit Driven Success".

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