October 24, 2011

Secrets To Getting More Done In Less Time

You’ve heard the old saying, "time is money". And if that’s true, then can you imagine what would happen to your income if you could get more done in less […]

You’ve heard the old saying, "time is money". And if that’s true, then can you imagine what would happen to your income if you could get more done in less time? In this Strategy Call, Dani Johnson will share valuable insights and practical steps you can take immediately that will help you make more money, pay off more debt, tackle your task list, and ensure that you can consistently get more done in less time – everyday! All you need are the simple secrets that Dani will share with you!

Listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call and discover how to get more done in less time!

  • Increase your daily productivity
  • Make the most of your time everyday
  • Avoid distractions that can get you off task
  • Set priorities that will ensure you cross things off your list once and for all
  • Manage your time with the demands of other people in your life

First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. Linda October 24, 2011

    CT…confusing :) time zone?
    eager to hear your amazing training.

    • darla October 26, 2011

      Central Time

  2. Linda Youngsma October 24, 2011

    always confusing on the time zones….eager to hear your call, thank you…I need it.

  3. Karl J. Bos October 24, 2011

    I know I am currently being a failure in my business, as I am working a full-time job that often requires me to work overtime, and then it conflicts with things I had planned with the business. At the same time, I currently don’t drive, so its hard to get all my prospects and to make sure I meet them up in time, and still make sure I make it to work on time later in the afternoon. I have true belief in the services I give with my business, as I know everyone needs this, but I never seem to be able to connect up with someone.

    • Curtis F. October 26, 2011

      What kind of business do u do ?

  4. Jennifer Campbell October 24, 2011

    Day by day your teachings are changing my life!!! Love you Dani!!

  5. Jordy October 24, 2011

    I was listening to one of your audio lessons and when you were talking about the importance of focus something happened spiritually within me. That was about a year ago and the beginning of learning through the anointing on your life. Since that moment, there have been many other times where the Lord has deposited things on the inside of me through your teachings.

    I’ve been making a list of things to accomplish in a day… and this really helps me to stay focused.

  6. Raul Gonzales October 24, 2011

    My Notes on this call are Golden! I will read and re-read, Listen and Re-Listen over and over again until I am able to fully implement all that was said on this call! I believe this call could be a stand alone course by itself with tremendous value in every thing said!

    Some of the points that spoke to me the most were to:

    1.) Increase my closing skills and Increase my ability to bring closings to the table. (This skill alone will help increase income and get more accomplished.)

    2.) Outsource tasks to more qualified individuals who could accomplish more in a shorter amount of time in area’s where I am not as proficient.

    3.) To Fully Rest a day after 6 days of work! (This will recharge my battery and help to get more done the following day by being completely rested.)

    Thank you for this outstanding call and teaching Dani! Looking forward to the fruit of implementing everything you teach!

    • Anissa Bustos October 27, 2011

      Thanks for sharing your personal notes Raul! =)

      • Jill Stevens May 20, 2012

        Raul, these notes are really helpful. Thank you!

  7. don October 25, 2011

    I wish these sessions were archived. I dont have this time available. don

    • H. B. October 25, 2011

      I also wish they were archived. Mon is the end of my work week on the East coast, I cram 40 hours into 2 1/2 days. I can’t stay awake.

  8. elise October 25, 2011

    Had to miss the call last night. Is it possible to still access it? (Clicking on the webcast player doesn’t work.)

  9. Laura Taylor October 25, 2011

    says video cannot be viewed….please reload

  10. liz October 25, 2011

    I can only listen when Strategy Call Posted Online. Thank you for doing so. Unfortunately there is no sound.

  11. liz October 25, 2011

    Thank you.
    The sound has come on.

  12. pat smith October 26, 2011

    Your book is amazing i am just trying to listen to the stategy call online from Monday evening but there is no sound is there any way i can sort this out.
    warm regards

  13. Loretta Keiller October 26, 2011

    Thank you Dani, so amazing. I’m so grateful – came at the right time.

  14. Carol Keith October 27, 2011

    Thank-you Dani for all your help. Read your book and listening to your calls. I love your energy and enthusiasm and putting a skip in our step to go forward! God Bless ALL your efforts and wisdom that you give to us. I first heard of you @ our Women’s conference and you have been a light to many of us women. Thank-you, thank-you again! I am so inspired to have confirmation of continuing to help others no matter what all the ‘na-sayers’ have to say. Keep on keeping on, we are listening and putting action to your wisdom!

  15. Sol October 29, 2011

    Thank You so much!! this call is almost custom made for single parents that multitask awesome advice on hiring a teenager for algebra homework cause that just get my nervs crazy!! I`m the mom that would say none sense information for an 11 year old I have never used algebra in any kind of job!!

  16. […] Listen to this Dani Johnson Strategy Call and discover how to get more done in less time! Listen Here! […]

  17. Adriana April 23, 2012

    Thank you soo much for all these tips to get more done in less time. Debbie’s testimonial is awesome.


  18. Megan April 24, 2012

    Where can I find the PDF Dani references (originally sent out in January) for planning goals?

  19. Jill Stevens May 20, 2012

    The SECRETS here are priceless. I am still learning each time I listen to this call. Thank you, Dani for your ability to put it simply and to have this forum where we can access the material again and again. I so appreciate you and wish you blessings. Here’s to getting more done in less time.

  20. LeeAnn Fay-Ellis July 30, 2012

    Amazing! When the student is ready the teacher appears…working to achieve a HUGE goal with my team and have 3 days to accomplish. Now I am ready to share the gift and Pay it Forward. THANK YOU!

  21. Naomi Tausi February 6, 2014

    Thanks Dani to share this. I have a home based business in Loosing Weight sitting in my home, being paid for by my brother and I do not know how to get it off the ground successfully. What should I do? Need your help.

  22. Maria Diaz April 16, 2014

    Having challenges with the recordred site I can only get to about a min when it cuts out