November 13, 2011

Simple Tips to Enhance Your Everyday Life

Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson shares simple, proven tips that will enhance your everyday life.

If you met a multi-millionaire who could give you the secret code to wealth, would you listen? If she could tell you how to enhance every area of your life, including your finances, your relationships, your career, and your family, would you follow her instructions? Or would you think it wouldn’t work for you? Maybe you would respond with, "I’m too old," or "I’m too young," or "I am the wrong gender," or "I don’t know the right people," or "The economy is bad."

When Dani Johnson was 21 years old and homeless, she had a decision to make. She could either continue to disqualify herself with statements such as those, or she could rise above and do what she needed to do in order to succeed. That meant finding someone who had what she wanted and learning to do what they did.

On this Strategy Call, Simple Tips to Enhance Your Everyday Life, you will have the unique opportunity to hear from a few people who have followed Dani’s example. These are people who have annihilated their debt, exploded their income, and are living the life they have always desired.

In this Strategy Session, you will discover:

  • How to get professional level training even when you don’t have the money
  • How to make more money so you can accomplish what is important to you
  • How to communicate effectively with the people around you
  • How to pay off debt without increasing your income
  • How to identify the areas that cause stress and eliminate them for good

This is your chance to learn from other people’s experiences, mistakes, and triumphs. If you are ready to experience success like you never thought was possible, you do not want to miss this Strategy Call.

First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. RuQayyah Ibraheem November 14, 2011

    Dani, I have been looking for information on many of the subjects you covered in 1st steps in my 20’s,30’s
    40’s….finally at 53……thanks Lord & Dani for showing my gem….my ego…., shut up & follow directions! dont mean to sound like a broken record….yet my story is a centermeter from maybe any other….I truly am inlighten my your message. I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired.
    Looking in the mirror & I will make a change & create a legacy for my grandchildren.
    I give God the Glory & Thank you
    stepping out on Faith doesnt seem hard anymore. My tears at the close of your seminar were of joy
    that I accepted my daughters offer to bring me as I can never go back….gods got a better plan for me, this I know.
    God Bless you & your family.
    sincerely, RuQayyah Ibraheem

  2. Tika November 14, 2011

    When is Dani Johnson coming to Seattle, WA? I’ve learn of Dani Johnson when she was a television program on ABC. I really don’t know how or where to start. I want financial freedom and to start my business and grow it over the years to come. Someone please help or direct me as to how to get started.

    • Tika November 14, 2011

      When is Dani Johnson coming to Seattle, WA? I learned of Dani Johnson when she was on a television program on ABC. I really don’t know how or where to start. I want financial freedom and to start my business and grow it over the years to come. Someone please help or direct me as to how to get started.

      • Marc Whitting November 17, 2011

        Tika All I know is firstly I would say come join us over on Dani Johnson’s Fan Page on Facebook… There you will meet a huge community of like minded Entrepreneurs whose focus is one thing Getting results in there everyday life I have been apart of a few communities in my time but I can say I have never ever meet a group of more profound and incredible people from all walks of life who are just pure inspiration to me daily… I would highly recommend get her book First Steps To Wealth is a great place to start then plug in daily to her website at then make it a goal of getting yourself to the next live event First Steps To Success which will be held on January 28-30th So Tika how soon do you want financial freedom and to start your own business and grow it over the years to come… Come meet us over at danijohnson Fan Page also come meet me on Facebook look for Marc Whitting and lets get you to the place you want to be with financial freedom and to start your own business and grow it over the years to come… You have to make the first step Tika
        Look forward to connecting soon…
        Marc Whitting

  3. Susan November 14, 2011

    Tika, don’t wait for Dani to come to you. Do you REALLY want change in your life? Then YOU do something about it and get yourself to Orlando in January! YOU are the only one standing in the way of your success.

  4. Serene November 15, 2011

    I am a young-minded senior on a fixed income. I am a certified babysitter, University graduate, have a home based business but have old habits and patterns from being raised in a middle class Jewish background. I am a Messianic Jewish believer NOW in Yeshua and know that my God believes in my financial prosperity . I don’t know how to jump over. I need help. What do you do if you don’t have the savings to go to Orlando? Any suggestions, ideas, creative ideas. Loans are out. Don’t have a ‘job’!!

    • Marc Whitting November 17, 2011

      Hello Serene,
      Well you asked for suggestions on how to get to First Steps To Success in Orlando how bad do you want change then look around you and see the things you own and ask yourself this question is this stuff helping to change my situation that you are not happy with and anything that is not helping to improve your life then sell it so you can get to FSTS in Orlando so then you can be equipped with the skills that are needed for this New World Economy… All I know is when I wanted change the only thing that was standing in my way was me and when I got out of my way change happened and it did not take months it was instant… SO how bad do you want it and I would also suggest come over and join us On FaceBook on Dani Johnson’s Fan Page and seek out answers now that will have you set up and ready to go to Orlando…
      Look forward to connecting with you soon Serene,
      Marc Whitting

  5. Kathy November 16, 2011

    to Serene:
    I just attended First Steps in DC, and it was so well worth it. You’ll see it was the right decision once you get there. I know your checking account balance may be lower than you think it should be for you to go to Orlando, but you probably have more available to you than you need. One idea Dani suggests when you need extra cash is to eat out of your pantry until it’s empty. Be creative with your meals and see what new creative options you can come up with. All that food is money ready to be used. So use it, and then use the money that would have gone to the grocery store for the trip. Also do you have relatives who love giving you Christmas gifts? Tell them your dream. Show them Ask them that instead of some placemats, candles, sweaters, etc for Chrstmas, which are lovely and thoughtful, you’d love to go to FirstSteps in January, and would be honored if they would “gift” you with this opportunity for personal growth. (Actually, you may want to suggest that they join you, you may just be helping them make a profound change in their lives too). Actual cash…. anything you really don’t use around the house? Sell it. With Christmas coming up, there are probably people who would love to by a desk, bureau, old unused musical instrument and can’t pay full price…. it would get you the money, and get someone else something they need. You can do newspaper ads or sell on the internet. Oh… and if you have credit cards, see if they have a points system. You may have a enough points to cover airfare and hotel (if not in her hotel, maybe in one across the street) (see if her hotel, or one nearby has a continental breakfast) (and if you have a relative or friend going you can share the room, so that will shave your costs) that way you really only have to pay for the seminar, a little bit of food, and some incidentals. Food… a great way to save money while you are there is to bring your own food. Now if you’re flying, there are restrictions, but you can bring bagels, dry cereal, oatmeal packets, cereal bars, fruit bars, crackers, and cookies on the plane. When you arrive (or check out in advance with the concierge) where the nearest grocery store or 7-11 is, so you can pick up some apples, bananas, small milks, and juice, and canned meats (most hotel rooms have a fridge). (don’t forget to pack napkins and plasticware from home) If you plan it right, you will only really need to eat dinners out and Dani’s group does a good job of making sure there are cost conscious meal options in and nearby (ex… I had a very filling salad with grilled chicken and water for $12 including tax&tip… the largest spent at our table was $16). So dear Serene, I hope you can go to Orlando, and I hope I gave you some ideas on how to get there. Finally, to say… take a leap of Faith… Dani’s track record is positive. You won’t be sorry…. Blessings.

  6. Etieno Etuk November 16, 2011

    Dani’s story is an amazing story and gives people the hope and inspiration they need to succeed. Here story inspires me everyday to reach for great heights.

    Thanks for all you do, Dani, to make people’s lives better and more fulfilling.

  7. Krista Prince November 17, 2011

    wow! I have learned so much from listening to Dani have been reading her book First Steps To Wealth, practicing eating out of my pantry, my freezer. Saving money doing more baking cooking more healthy,
    I am so glad that I heard about Dani,I have learned about honoring people, by listening to them. I had a woman who was meeting me for coffee to return a magazine, and at the end she hugged me. I have learned to ask questions and listen. I have seen this work, my son is telling me that I am listening more. :) I am expecting my business to prosper.

  8. Dee November 19, 2011

    Hello there, would you be so kind to share about all you have implemented with the emarketing formula. Thanks in advance! God bless!

  9. Dee November 19, 2011

    Hello everyone! Tell me all about the emarketing formula can easily be implemented, when one does not have all the computer savy… -Need you!