December 14, 2011

‘Tis The Folly Season: SCAM To SPEND

Dani exposes a holiday scam that has swindled billions from 60% of Americans! Learn to keep your cash today.


Financial expert Dani Johnson reveals widespread scams that wreak havoc in holiday mayhem on 60% of the population in this Wednesday Radio show. Listen as she exposes the swindling strategies that keep the retailers rich and the poor poorer.

This is your chance to get seasoned insight into the most manipulative marketing strategies that have driven this nation into further financial bondage and bankruptcy!

Press play to:

  • Recognize a good deal from a good scam
  • Find out what is a must-have this Christmas
  • Discover the biggest misconceptions about Christmas shopping in a crashing economy
  • Get your money back from scammers
  • Discover practical ways to pocket more cash
  • Fine-tune your communication skills to help others keep their hard-earned money too

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