October 10, 2011

Learn to Use the Tools You Already Have!

Use the tools you have in front of you to fix what’s wrong in your life! Dani Johnson will show you how to find what you need … and use it!


We have so many tool kits in our closets! There are tool kits for handyman work around the house, sewing kits for those buttons that fall off, even repair kits for your nails! And guess what: You probably don’t even think about those kits until you need them. Well, no matter what you’re unhappy with in your life, you probably have a tool right in front of you that can fix things! listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani teaches you to use the tools you ALREADY have!

Think about it: Dani Johnson was at rock bottom, living in her car, and thought she had no resources. She couldn’t even see the bottom rung of the ladder, that’s how far down she’d fallen. But then she looked around and found something right in front of her the whole time. And from that moment — when she reached out and picked up the tools that were right there — to this day, Dani Johnson knows that we all have the right tools within reach, if only we know how to find them!

She knows that life can seem bleak when all you see are bills, failing relationships, debt and when the ladder rung is so far above you you can’t even see it, much less reach it. But on this incredible strategy call, she’s going to give you a grappling hook and a set of glasses … so you can see where to grab, and reach it!

Don’t stress about starting, or even starting over. With the right determination, willpower, and some incredible tips from Dani, anything is possible! So make sure to tune in for “Learn to Use Your Tools!” and you’ll be … well, hooked!

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