October 10, 2011

Learn to Use the Tools You Already Have!

Use the tools you have in front of you to fix what’s wrong in your life! Dani Johnson will show you how to find what you need … and use it!

We have so many tool kits in our closets! There are tool kits for handyman work around the house, sewing kits for those buttons that fall off, even repair kits for your nails! And guess what: You probably don’t even think about those kits until you need them. Well, no matter what you’re unhappy with in your life, you probably have a tool right in front of you that can fix things! listen to this Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani teaches you to use the tools you ALREADY have!

Think about it: Dani Johnson was at rock bottom, living in her car, and thought she had no resources. She couldn’t even see the bottom rung of the ladder, that’s how far down she’d fallen. But then she looked around and found something right in front of her the whole time. And from that moment — when she reached out and picked up the tools that were right there — to this day, Dani Johnson knows that we all have the right tools within reach, if only we know how to find them!

She knows that life can seem bleak when all you see are bills, failing relationships, debt and when the ladder rung is so far above you you can’t even see it, much less reach it. But on this incredible strategy call, she’s going to give you a grappling hook and a set of glasses … so you can see where to grab, and reach it!

Don’t stress about starting, or even starting over. With the right determination, willpower, and some incredible tips from Dani, anything is possible! So make sure to tune in for “Learn to Use Your Tools!” and you’ll be … well, hooked!

First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. Jordy October 7, 2011

    I have added several tools to my life since I started being mentored by Dani. I bought the Unlimited Success package a year ago and have been living my life differently ever since. I uploaded all of the lessons to my ipod and listen to them when I go for long walks on the beach. Not only has she given me tools, but she has also taught me how to use them. I’m looking forward to hearing the webcast.

  2. Joseph October 10, 2011

    I like this seminar and really want to be part of it, but i live in nigeria now how can i make it?

  3. jeff October 11, 2011

    as far as success is concern its stills boils down natural ability and knowing the right people.
    my grandfather business associate was a associate to JOHN D ROCKERFELLER

  4. Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling October 12, 2011

    The Bible says that death and life are in the power of the tongue,and this Is definitely true. I resisted this simple law for years, to my hurt. I just thought it was a nice inspirational saying, but never applied it seriously. I reached a point where I craved change like a thirsty man craves water. Once I started measuring my words, saying and proclaiming what I would and could do….feeling ridiculous at first…things began to change a lot. First thing was more confidence and finally being able to bounce back from depression quicker than before. Second, my relationships with spouse and family improved. It was like an imposter had been evicted from my spirit! Last, my business, even in a bad economy,was steady and consistent to the point that friends and peers ask “how do you do it?” I love to tell them!
    So important is this spiritual law, the the psalmist writes ” Let the ?WORDS of my MOUTH (the things that I say) and the MEDITATION of my HEART( the thoughts I think) be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord my strength and my redeemer.

    • Harry Fassett October 13, 2011

      Man you are so right Elgin! The Bible has so much wisdom and knowledge we forget to apply it to our daily lives. I’m working on this myself and it does transform a person and you do get a renewing of the mind, and spirit when applied to it’s fullest. The fullest part I’m still working on but it’s a work in progress. Again, great input Elgin!

  5. April Marie Tucker October 13, 2011

    this post was just what I needed today.. My mind can be such a trap and what I think always becomes reality.. Thank you Dani for all of your clarity and all that you do to help us become successful. I absolutely love your training and it is changing my life :) God Bless you!!

  6. Loretta Keiller October 16, 2011

    Just to say thank you for sharing and helping other. Listening to you has helped me a lot. Now to get moving!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mary Colonna October 17, 2011

    Absolutely fantastic video, with amazing information. I am SO motivated to change my current situation and to take control of my destiny, using the tools that Dani Johnson has provided! Little by little, I am using Dani Johnson’s tips to make critical changes in my life and applying them to my business. I cannot wait until I achieve the results that I so desperately want and also to help others to achieve their goals and to fulfill their destinies. Thanks so much, Dani, for all that you do…I have finally put down the remote to the TV and have stopped wasting my time watching useless junk, that is never going to get me anywhere in life and I’ve instead been locking myself in my bedroom, listening to your training videos! I am striving to attend “First Steps to Success” in November, in Washington D.C. Hope to see everyone there!

  8. MEARS YVETTE May 15, 2013

    Hi Dani! How’s it goin? this message got me to use the tools I already have. The first one was to get all the homeschooling books that were no longer being used and turn them into cash to sell. i started that project just yesterday. I started listing today on Amazon right after I set up an account. I got busy listing. Earlier in the week I had cleared a mountain of magazines & junk mail on a dining room I had sitting in the corner and I mean mountain! At the bottom of that mountain was a box for a distributorship with a company I’ve had no intentions on doing anything with. i just let it sit there. It been there since last summer. And now, there it is. I’ve been staring at it, glancing at it. Then last night it spoke to me. I resisted it. I gave in sort of, picked it up and sorted through it. Last night was kung fu night. i didn’t go but the kids did. When it was time to get the kids from kung fu i waited in the parking lot. As I waited guess who happened to pass right in front of my car with the family?!! The chik who did a one on one presentation with that kit I wanted nothing to do with from last summer!! I hadn’t seen her since in between holidays last year!! I called out to her and told her I was ready to get started. TRIPPY!! weird :)