September 14, 2011

Writing Your Own Success Story: Michelle Tascoe

No matter what is happening in your life today, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Listen as Dani shares techniques that can make a difference in your personal and financial life starting now!


On paper, everything in Michelle Tascoe‘s life looked good. The daughter of immigrant parents, she was attending college, getting good grades. But it was a lie, says Michelle — and it took Dani Johnson’s programs to snap her out of the lie, and into her new life.

Thanks to what Dani had to offer, Michelle has overcome a great personal injury, abandoned her vices, paid off significant debt and is happily married to a man she even met at “First Steps!”

Michelle’s happy ending can be yours — but to hear how she did it! “Without Dani,” she says, “I would not have the level of awareness or soberness that I have now or an awareness of the kind of life that I was always meant to live. I didn’t have the tools in the beginning to understand that I could create the life that I wanted.”

Listen to find out just how Michelle made the life she wanted happen. You will realize that you can rewrite the script life has handed you, because your change starts here!

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