January 18, 2012

Inspiration Today Show: All Out War on Debt

Secret Millionaire and financial expert Dani Johnson shares how to save money and wage all out war on debt.


Do you stare at a mountain of debt and wonder how to get out from under it? Or wonder if it is even possible to ever pay it off? Not only is it possible, but Dani Johnson’s proven method has put mountains of debt in the rear view mirror in thousands of lives.

Inspiration Television’s first interview with Dani Johnson, financial expert, aired today at 11:00 am EST. If you missed this interview, you can see her on two more shows over the next two days scheduled to air:

Thursday 1/19 at 11am EST and Friday 1/20 at 11am EST

To see her next interview on how to wage all out war on debt, visit Inspiration Television’s listing by local TV provider to see when the show will air in your area.

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