Tonight, live on air Dani will be interviewed by Morris Jones on Capitol Insider (ABC 8 ) starting at 8pm ET/7pm CT. Capitol Insider is a behind the scene look of the business world and business politics. Morris Jones spent almost two decades at WTTG Fox 5 in Washington before moving to Sinclair Broadcasting, where he was the main anchor for their News Central project. He has also hosted network cable programs for the Discovery Channel and has even been involved in Hollywood feature films. He has conducted one-on-one interviews with U.S. presidents, cabinet officials and members of Congress, and has brought his experience covering both national and local news in Washington to NewsChannel 8.

On Capitol Insider Morris gets in-depth about issues on Capitol Hill and their effects on Main Street and Wall Street. Watch the live feed at News Channel 8, the on air interview will start at 8pm ET/7pm CT. Tune in early so you don’t miss part of the segment.

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  1. Diane McCracken August 16, 2012

    We the People need to clean up our spending and keep what we earn! No Donkey, Elephant, or Tea Party can do that for us! We need to take responsibility for our own habits!

    • Marc Whitting August 22, 2012

      So SO so true Diane thank you for your truth statement yes we the people must first get our own homes finances relationships right and in order then and only then will the nation be restored to her once full glory of “True Freedom”…

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