January 10, 2012

Cut the Fat: Feed your family on $100 a week

Learn how to save money, build the bank account, and even lose weight with Dani Johnson on the Cut The Fat Teleseminar!


Two of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight and pay off debt. What if it was possible to do both? What if it was as simple as whipping up a tasty, gourmet dinner that cost less than a dollar a person? What if the solution to keep money in your wallet can also beat inflation?

Dani has been saying it is possible for years, and to thousands all over the world. But most of the time when Dani says she feeds her family of 7 on a $100 per week, it is met with disbelief. Put the disbelief finally to rest and join Dani on a 2-part, exclusive teleseminar where she will reveal:

  • Secrets to feeding your family for $100 (or less) per week
  • A method to turn your “fat” into a growing savings account (or pay off debt!)
  • The surefire way to surprise and tantalize family and friends with smells from the kitchen (that only costs pennies)
  • How to stop wasting money while slimming your waist
  • A tested process that enables you to pay off debt in record time
  • How to uncover and put a stop your “bleeding” wallet
  • Tips to save money and fatten your wallet, while slimming your waist
  • How to make the grocery store work for you…and put money in your pocket

The Teleseminar is over, if you wanted more information on how to get out debt and be financially free, make sure to check out Dani Johnson’s Debt Elimination and Financial Independence.

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