In the April 2012 issue of Success Magazine, Dani Johnson’s tips for eliminating debt and building true wealth made a cover story!

An excerpt from the article written by Deborah Huso:

“From home mortgages to credit card bills, debt is a problem for the majority of Americans today—a big problem. How do you get rid of it? Johnson says it’s actually amazingly simple. ‘Look at where your money is going,’ she says, advising people to sit down with their bank statements and a highlighter and mark every ATM withdrawal, restaurant purchase and any others that aren’t bare necessities. She guarantees you’re spending hundreds of dollars a month on things that provide temporary gratification but that you really don’t need.

‘How much money have you made in the last five years?’ she asks. ‘And how much of that do you have left?’ If a quick calculation leads you to realize you’ve earned half a million in that time but aren’t anywhere close to being a millionaire, you’re not alone. ‘The answer isn’t always to make more money,’ Johnson says. ‘The answer may be to spend less.'”

To read the full article you can pick up a copy in a store near you or read or order from here.

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