March 19, 2012

Escape Negative Influences Around You

Dani Johnson unmasks the villains of every-day life and teaches how to get past them.


In classic literature you find the same plot patterns and characters over and over again. The story of the hero, the villain, and the damsel in distress. They are called character archetypes that often symbolize a larger idea like courage, envy, and innocence

While most of us tend to relate more to the hero (we all want to save the day), have you recently found yourself the victim? Repeatedly being tied up or held back from freedom?

In many of these stories the damsel ends up in a bad situation because they don’t see through the evil queen’s disguise. These negative influences may even be your friends, family members or co-workers, poisoning your mind with criticism and mockery that will hold you down.

Listen to this Strategy Call as Dani Johnson helps you:

  • Identify the sources of negativity in your life
  • Learn to move past them or deal with these people
  • The role these influences can play in your life
  • What to look for in a Hero
  • How even just one person can save you, and you can save them!

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