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On Easter morning families wake up early to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and attend a church service. Others go out to brunch with their loved ones. People participate in an Easter egg hunt or surprising their kids with a giant chocolate bunny. And most of us are left confused, what do bunnies who lay eggs have to do with a religious holiday?

The truth might surprise you. These childhood characters are not random at all, and were not created by some greeting card company. In this Spiritual Equipping Broadcast on Wednesday, March 27th at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT, Dani will expose what these symbols really mean, and how our ignorance may effect our children.

  • Learn the true history behind Easter
  • Learn how a Christian holiday does (or DOESN’T) relate
  • Decide if this is really the sort of thing kids should be exposed to
  • How to handle teaching your kids what these holidays truly mean
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