February 15, 2012

Need A Bailout?

Spiritual Equipping Broadcast. Feb. 15, 2012. Hear how to receive intervention from the All-Mighty One!


Have you ever pedaled hard and fast, ending up in a place you do not want to be? Have you ever asked yourself the question, how did I even get here? The feeling of being lost and despair hits the bottom of your stomach, clenches the back of your neck, and wakes you up at night.

You need a bailout – you need the intervention of the ultimate authority, the All-Mighty. If you have been beaten or pounded by uneasiness, then you must listen to this Spiritual Equipping Broadcast! Listen to:

  • Eliminate anxiety
  • Breathe in immediate relief
  • Get instant clarity
  • Receive freedom
  • Obtain your plan and clear course of action

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