March 11, 2012

The Future Is Now!

Calling all young adults! You are tomorrow’s solution for today’s problems!

Calling all young adults! In a world of chaos and mayhem, did you know the future is up to you? Do you have a plan? Do you see a solution? Where is your hope? What do you plan to do differently?

Dani is calling out: “Generation Y, what do you have to say?” Listen in!

  • Take advantage of the open mic and share your perspective
  • Re-chart the course and re-build the structure of a lost nation
  • Become part of a community of people who aspire to bring change
  • Discover how to help and effectively serve a country in need

First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. juan pacheco March 11, 2012

    Thank you so much Dani Johnson . you are an inspiration. i have a saphire daughter and a RubyEmerald son. the best investment i*ve ever made in my Family is Groming the Next Generation for Success. even though i did not have the money i found a way to produce it and i will never regret it!! The results are amazing!!! We talked at home about you every day. your contribution to our life is greatly appreciated. God bless Dani Johnson family and team.

  2. Sandy Courtice March 11, 2012

    This was awesome – I’m sure I have failed – I certainly haven’t been to a standard that needs to be to raise my teenagers/ young adults today – we haven’t finished yet – we have found the forces of the world are so great out there and I would say to the Mums and Dad’s with teenagers to begin early to train them with strong rooted grounding as they get away on us – If I knew what we are learning today 10 to 20yrs ago, our family would be so different. I WANT IT TO CHANGE!!!! Programs like Grooming the Next Generation for success are needed for all young parents to succeed with their children facing todays world. It’s imperative. I’ve heard many mums say things like “you just have to let them go – even at 14 or 15 yrs old – let them go and get drunk at their formal , let them smoke, party, have sex – they’ve got to learn the hard way. But no, there is too much of a risk. Though there has needed to be a very wise method to fix the problem of our young generation – Note: the answers are in “grooming the next generation for success” Our young ones are vulnerable and need desperate guidance. There is an enemy trying to separate the young from the old, but we have the tools to help them be raised up to great success. May God bless the ministry of and Call To Freedom International who are bold to stand out to change this generation for great success and encourage us to spread this message of hope

  3. Na'ilah March 13, 2012

    I missed this call since I was at work and so wanted to call in but I am going to write a comment here anyways and I hope hope hope that Dani you get to read it.

    What I have found about our generation is that we are eager to do something but our parents and older generations sometimes are the people who kill our dreams. For example, I live in Canada ( I came here to go to school) and I went home after my grad to go see my family, hadn’t been home in 7 years.
    Prior to that I have always wondered why I felt so different, like I was set apart from so many people just to be different always had this burning desire to do something terrific that will move my generation forward.
    The country where I come from is pretty much like Dani said is LOST completely lost, its not same as it was when I was child and at the rate at which things are going, if the youths don’t step up we are going to be wiped out. The few like me who do step up are alone like nobody wants to take a stand with them, people tell them they r going to get killed if they decide to make a change and so pretty much we want to do something but then we don’t even know where to start.
    When I went home to see my family I was so pumped, I took with me a lot of books that I have been reading mostly about leadership and change, I also took grooming the next generation to success to go share with my mom ( mind you I have never been to FSTS) I went home I shared all these amazing goals I have on how we could help change our nation and all i heard was ” It won’t work, things are different here, you have been away for too long ” I was so saddened by it because my soul aches for all those little kids out there, and I am dying to help, I started a business in Financial Services and I am committed to growing that business so I can have more income to support all the children I come across, it sucks!! that the older generation don’t fire us up they are passing on their poverty mentality on the little kids and I am determined to stop that.. and I am going to do whatever it takes

    I keep praying everyday that I find more people like me who are willing to do something great for their generation and nation. My heart really really really breaks for the children of my country.

    If you are young like me, you need to start motivating every kid you have there, you have to tell them to dream big , you have to help them with goals, you have to groom that seed into an orchard of phenomenal leaders, you need to start putting purpose to your life and know that we are the future leaders of our nation. Arise all youths and fight for your generation, lets not be the 98%ers.

    And parents, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we need you, Encourage us DON’T Kill our dreams!

    God bless you Dani!

    • Sandy Courtice March 14, 2012

      Hey Na’ilah, I’m a parent of teenagers and young adults – I wished I knew what I’m learning today20 yrs ago – Pursue your dream – keep on learning and growing regardless if you are alone – best of all trust in the Lord God with all your heart and soul as He is the best to guide you and he will make sure you fit into a best spot. Be obedient – love your parents and family, but like Ruth in the Bible she left her homeland and was obedient in moving to a new land of dream and promise. You have so much more opportunity – pursue it. I’ve been listening to Dani since mid 2010 and she is a very wise woman. God bless her and and God bless you