February 8, 2012

The S Word: (Almost) Everyone Is Doing It

Listen as Dani Johnson discusses what seems to be a vain attempt: abstinence. To wait, or not to wait.

“But, everyone is doing it!” is a phrase we learned early on to justify purchases of trendy toys, hairstyles, clothes, and anything we wanted in order to fit in. Today, fitting in means living in accordance with the “do what feels good philosophy”. The prevalence of pornography, saturation of sex in popular culture, and increasing average age for marriage is making it hard for young people to wait.

Those who choose to wait till marriage for sex are greatly outnumbered and pressured from every front. The idea of abstinence seems to be a vain attempt, getting your hopes up for guaranteed disappointment. To wait, or not to wait – that is the question. Press PLAY to:

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What are you waiting for? Your change starts here!

First Steps to Success
First Steps to Success

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  1. Kerry Kennon February 9, 2012

    What is terrible is how satan works on these kids who are abstinent. The girls who wish they were abstinent will spread untrue rumors about those who are abstinent to try and bring them down to their level. Hurtful!

  2. Common February 13, 2012

    Passion, and love. Two very different things in this “world of Satan” that my gem of a generation has apaierntly drawn up from the depths of the foul earth. May I first say that God, has nothing to do with religion and as happy as I usually am to let you cross clenching sacks live on in your higher being bliss, I would very much love to inform you tha satan is not in controll of “the cool kids banter at school” and, for that matter, who dives into your daughter’s delicates. In most concentual relationships, kids do a good deal of thinking before locking the bedroom door. And no it has nothing to do with being week, it’s about living just a little more than former generations, since we’ve grown up seeing how unhappy you all are. If there is some all mighty being I doubt they would frown down on us for at one time giving into the animal instincts that they gave us. I could go on, but I have friends to be with ( and not have the sex with might I add.).
    love, COMMON…

  3. Jeremy Model February 15, 2012

    Very interesting I am listening to your broadcast I have to say just like my pastor would say sex out of marriage is the equivalent of having plutonium in a room without a casing. Its destructive. Genesis says the two become one when a husband sleeps with his wife your soul intermingles. That is why when people outside of marriage have sex the two become one out of God’s covenant plan. Hence the reason why you see so much in the arena of relationships and all the drama the comes along with it!

  4. bipin Patel June 28, 2012

    Dani, This issue start with parents.Right from childhood parents can implant moral values .When moral values are blended in our consciousness,they would not enter in any immoral things,whether it’s about sex or drugs or alcohol or any kind of garbage.Children are learning from TV,shows,movies and they are under pears pressure in school envirnment and in society as well.So morality is taught at home and by means of spirituality then sex can be taken as moral issue in life. By the way in 80’s Mother Terressa visited America and she urged all teenagers to enter marriage virgin.And she impacted so many young boys and girls.but as time goes by everything fadesout with media bombardments.So many cultures in the world preach and practice to enter virgin in to marriage.Dani,your movement to this cause would save so many of our children and uplift our society too.May God bless you.