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Obviously today is a big day with the election and all.

There are a lot of mixed emotions and thoughts, and conversations happening. Even right this minute you may have already had many conversations asking your friends whether they have voted or other questions.

One thing I am pretty confident of, at least for the DJC Community, I know as you head to the polls today you have been equipped. You have been trained up in an unusual way. I am confident that you’re going to use the training and equipping you’ve allowed inside of yourself. You now think differently, act differently and have a different results.

You might be making a different decision today at the polls. Whether your candidate is half black or all white, at the end of the day we are going to see what the nation had decided. And there will either be riots or celebration. Actually, it will probably be both.

But as I sit this morning and as I have been praying for you, our family and the nation, I have kind of a settling inside of my gut simply saying I think you are going to do the right thing. And I believe in you.

I believe that you’ve been equipped to make a decision that is bigger than you. I’m confident that you have learned to think outside of yourself and your own personal desires. That you are actually concerned about your children’s future and generations to come.

You have been really prepared for such a time as this. I think you have more clarity than you’ve had in years past. I believe you see that there is a much bigger picture than just yourself. And if we all, we the people, all made decisions on what’s best for the whole versus just for our own personal issues or problems, I think our country would be a much better place.

So if you are finding this and you have already voted, or if you haven’t voted, I believe in you. And I believe that you are going to make a wise choice and at the end of the night we will see where it all goes from here.

There will still be more talking on the news and more talking on Facebook about who was voted in, so if you think the Facebook content is going to stop about the election, we still have a little bit of a ways to go before that is going to end.

But here is the bottom line friend – regardless of who is in office, or in the White House, you’re still in your house. You’re still at your job or still looking for one. You still are living inside of your own life. Not much is going to change for your life personally.

So you make sure you continue to step up and do the right thing. Advance your skills. Continue to make wise financial decisions. Continue to teach your family and friends and community how to make those wise decisions.

Wise decisions like getting out of debt. Wise decisions of advancing skill sets so you can increase your value in the marketplace and making yourself more valuable each and every day in your work life. So you are in a negotiating position, so that you are leveraged to pick the kind of hours you want to work, the kind of time you want to have off, and the kind of pay that you want to receive.

As you increase your value in the marketplace you have more control and leverage over your life, over the time you work and the time that you play, over the amount that you make. The bottom line is, whoever is in the White House is not going to make that decision for you. You have to make that decision. And you also have to help other people make that decision. It’s really a very simple example to set.

So, make sure you vote, that’s if you want to vote. There are some who are making the decision not to vote. But more, just make sure that you make the right decision that is not only for yourself, but for generations to come. Again, whether that candidate is half black or all white, I know that you are bigger than making a racial decision.

I know you are bigger than making a decision based on a team – whether it’s the donkey team or the elephant team. I know that you are more mature than that. I know you have greater eyes to see beyond the football “stats” of politics. Because that is pretty much what it sounds like out there right now. It sounds like a commentary for a football game, baseball game or basketball game – whatever the season is or whatever the flavor of the year is.

I know that you are bigger than that. I know you are bigger than just voting what your family has always voted and sticking to the team that you have always stuck to. I know you’re bigger than voting because of the color of skin, whether it is black or white. I know you are bigger than that. I know you are. There is no question in my mind that you are bigger than that.

So I just wanted to let you know I believe in you. And I believe that you are going to do the right thing today.

God bless you and have an awesome day on purpose. I’ll see you this weekend in Los Angeles.


In great faith,


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