February 27, 2012

Turn Any Objection Into a "Yes!"

Dani Johnson shares strategies to help you turn any objection into a “yes!”


There is an art to helping people to make a decision. And an even greater art to helping them come to the decision that you want them to make. How can you ensure that you get the answer you want? How can you close that deal? No matter who you are or what you do – whether you’re asking for a raise or promotion from your boss, convincing your spouse to go on your dream vacation, or simply trying to get your kids to clean their rooms or your teens to honor you, there is one foundational skill that will bring profound results in every area of your life.

Listen to this Strategy Call as Dani Johnson shares strategies that will help you:

  • Skillfully handle any question with ease
  • Become confident and fearless in every conversation
  • Know exacly what to say to position yourself for advancement
  • Ask for what you want – and get it!

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