March 4, 2012

What Has Society Done To Men?

Understand the lasting effects of an emasculating culture infiltrating the home and workplace!

Our upside down, inside out, backwards society is taking a toll on men. Most men do not know where they fit or who they are. They are reluctant to walk in their responsibilities because of they are usually condemned, criticized, and put down by a feministic society.

It’s time to realize and understand the lasting effects of society’s emasculating culture. Men, what do you have to say? Press PLAY to listen to The Dani Johnson Show!

  • Regain your honor and respect
  • Understand your role in the house and society
  • Restore proper order in your home and workplace

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  1. Frederick Penn March 3, 2012

    I AM The Dad, I Wish I Knew, When I Was A Boy!

    Real love is selfless and free from fear. When a MAN loves from a place of freedom, he feels pure appreciation towards you.

    True love is unconditional without a demand for return from you. His love is in the joy of GIVING love to you.

    His love to you is GOD’S creation and the strongest force on earth is love. A Man’s love is pure, unselfish and draws to itself its own love. It doesn’t seek, demand or need anything from you.

    I feel too many men and women don’t have the faintest idea of what real unconditional love is.

    I believe too many men and women are immature, selfish and fearful with their affections, thereby losing the love they want to give and receive.

    A Man loves you fearlessly without conditions or games. It’s a deep love I pray everyone has or will experience.

    • Chad Fallon March 3, 2012

      Amen! I pray for the return of the warrior spirit in men. The pure unselfish sacrifice for their families. The end to passivity in Husbands and Fathers. I have lived my life as a passive fearful man. Now God has restored my heart by giving me fearlessness and the ability to fight the spiritual warfare that is being waged against ourselves and our families.
      Stand up men and give that unconditional love to your families and your community. Don’t back down to Satan’s lies.

      God bless you all,

    • Tina Rowton March 4, 2012

      Wow, very well said Frederick -I agree 100%!

  2. Kris Owen March 3, 2012

    This topic is so vitally important to our society and world. Men must understand who they are in the Lord and what role the Lord has for their life. Society has made it easy to be passive, especially for Men. Men – how much have we let others do in our place? Whether it be our wife, other men or women, the church, the school….the list could go on…we have sat back, done nothing, all so we will not take the blame, be ridiculed or just fulfill our selfishness. For me personally, understanding who I am in the Lord gives me freedom to be who I am to be as a man. Following the Lord gives a purpose for life, a will to fight for the right, and a spirit to take responsibility.

    Listening to Dani’s Job Domination Webinar, I find it amazing that the information she shared about mindset of a Employee’pner goes hand in hand with correcting this damaged view of men and the lies we men believe. For example, without saying to much of Dani’s content, men, we should have a vision and purpose, an attitude of excellence, be diligent, assume leadership, give more and show gratitude. This is for every man no matter where you are in life, how bad things seem or how good you think you are right now.

    I am learning that being a man is having a relationship with the God almighty, living free in the fact that I am a child of the King and allowing the fear of God animate my attitudes, thoughts, and actions.

    As a father of nine, I can not wait to hear what Dani has to share about this idea and problem from a woman’s perspective! May the Lord bless you and I in unimaginable ways as we become men after God’s own heart.

  3. Dwayne Klassen March 4, 2012

    I am very much looking forward to the program and hearing your perspective, observations and solutions.

    There is a general malaise among men when it comes to stepping in to their true authentic power. They struggle with old egoic masculine paradigm and the rising strength of the feminine in women. This creates more confusion and frustration in men than ever before.

    There is a resource group for every aspect of a woman’s life. Yet sadly there is very little is available to men. Men are falling by the way side en masse in so many ways and it’s destroying the very essence of who they are. Suicide in men age 18- 44 is at epidemic levels. Stats for sexual disfunction, alcohol/drug abuse, heart attacks, prostate issues and disease (dis-ease) are shocking!

    That being said, there are many men that are waking up and answering the call to step boldly into their true authentic masculine power. A place where he knows who and what he really is.

    This is what today’s women are looking for, this is the role-model children look up to and this is the man the world needs at this very critical time in our history.

    My life’s work is The Remarkable Man Project – A global movement to challenge 1 million men to play a bigger game in their lives and be champions to women, heroes to children and brothers to each other.

    Thank you Dani. You timing is perfect for addressing this very important issue.

    Much love and Blessings,

    Dwayne Klassen

  4. Susanne de Lira March 4, 2012

    Check out the Art of (reviving the lost art of manliness) website

  5. Brad March 4, 2012

    I find it very difficult to remain the man I believe I’m supposed to be, when it feels like the only area the female society want me to be strong in is in taking responsibility for all the problems.
    It becomes a whole lot more attractive to sit quietly in the background when I know that sometime soon it will require an incredible amount of effort to carry the blame for yet another issue in the relationship.

  6. Rick March 4, 2012

    Brad, that’s exactly where I am in my life. I’m at the point where I’m moving out of the house in 3 weeks, I just can’t take it anymore.

  7. Nathanael March 4, 2012

    I actually disagree with the question (don’t be offended, I just love to disagree) !

    The question “what has society done to men ?” would imply that society is responsible for manhood or would be in a position of authority over manhood and I disagree with !! I believe men are designed to first shape themselves and then shape society. In a similar way, if your house would be in a mess it would be quite absurd to ask “what has your house done to you ?”.

    You seem to clam that feminism would be a cause to the fact that men don’t know who they are and fail to play there role in society, but I clearly believe the very opposite, the rise of feminism is the consequence and not the cause of lack men’s masculinity.

    Humanity functions though civilisations, every civilisation has a beginning, a maturity and an end. And today’s society is faced with the challenge that we are going though a shift from an industrial civilisation into a new civilisation of information, communication, technology or whatever the future will call it. This change is met to be, it is set by God anyway, and we mustn’t be surprised or scared, this is part of the game and what is emerging is amassing.

    Becoming a man cannot occur whiteout a fight, a worrier without a serious challenge is no worrier at all !! The thing about today’s western culture is that it is designed to fore men into the bondage of bank loans before they get time in life to find out who they really are, and the thing about banks is that the DEMAND that their customers submit to the security of a secure job, and therefore DEMAND that men commit to some too high level of security before they have had time to master the game of life. Then security becomes an enemy of freedom and holds men back from tackling the deeper challenges of life. From this perspective the collapsing of out current banking system is forcing our current generations into a beneficial move.

    I believe the journey out of bondage and into freedom is engraved inside the human soul (at least the male soul) and is described in the story of the people of Israel in the bible when they leave from Egypt and go to the promise land. The interesting thing to notice in this journey, and that I tend to believe women often can’t figure out, is that between the exit from bondage and the beginning of the grand fight to conquer the promise land, there is the desert. The Desert is part of the journey, it can be long and it can be short, but the crossing of the desert is most often required for a man to find out who he really is. Even Jesus had to go thought the 40 days in the desert before he could start his society transforming ministry. Going thought the deserts of life is not a fun thing to go though but it is worth it in the end because the only place a Man can find out who he really is deep within and deep within can only be found in a desert.

    A touareg saying says that God created the deserts for a man to find his soul and He created the oasis for a man to find he’s peers. Which I find well said !

    • Jennifer March 5, 2012


      I like your response, and I agree with you. I would like to believe your comment will be read and well accepted by the majority.


  8. dan March 4, 2012

    I hope that was an analogy for manhood. I certainly don’t need a beard to be a man in our times. Men need to get their spine back in relationships and not withdraw like so many do. If some women would give more affirmation, appreciation, encouragement, support and most important value, men will be emotionally secure. Something many lack in todays marriage.

  9. Tom March 4, 2012

    It seems that we have to respect each other before we can nurture each other. When we stop respecting each other, we become alienated and then you have the objectifying of women and men. The abuse becomes normal and there you have it. Disrespect can be really subtle in both directions. (to both genders). There are many nights when I feel that the only reason I am coming home at night is to fulfill my obligation to raise my 7 year old daughter. When my daughter turns 21 I plan to leave my wife, since I don’t feel respected

  10. E. Don Bailey March 4, 2012

    Men need to rediscover how God intended us to be. We need adventure and beauty in our lives. We need Freedom! Jesus offered this when he said: “I have come to proclaim liberty to the captives, healing to the brokenhearted, and sight for the blind” Luke 4:18
    The Glory of God is man fully alive- St Irenaeus
    Our work, our wives, our church seeks to tame us into something God never intended us to be.
    What we need is more passion,more desire, more challenge, more life, more victory, more beauty, more God.

  11. Chad Ketcher March 4, 2012

    Dani, tonight’s call was near and dear to my heart, and I think it’s so important that men and women clearly understand what men are supposed to be. I think this call set the table for the discussion that needs to happen in tens of thousands of households today. People just don’t get it. The media has manipulated that image for 40 years, and the breakup of the nuclear family left a void where there were no men to pass along a vision of manhood to their boys.
    I grew up with a broken (and absent) father, a dominant mother and a tough-as-nails step-father. A Pearl/Sapphire, I was artistic and sensitive, with limited athletic ability and no confidence; I struggled with my identity and with sexuality issues. I was exposed to porn as a small child. I had everything in the world working against me being successful as a man.
    When I got married, I wasn’t ready to be a husband, and my wife and struggled together for years. When we produced four baby boys, I found that I was ill-prepared to groom them for manhood. I have to be the role model, and I have had so few to draw from. I am so thankful for the DJC community and for the men like Hans who can model effective manhood for us all.
    There are forces in the world working day and night to emasculate men and keep them weak, because when the men are weak, the family is weak, the communities are weak, society is weak, and we become dependent on government, of all things, to take care of us. Thank God for organizations like the Promise Keepers, who rose up, not to put women down, but to wake up the men to their leadership responsibilities. I also thank God for calls like this one, that bring the topic of manhood back to the table to be discussed openly. Thank you for being willing to bring it up.

    • Loriann Ketcher March 4, 2012

      Well said honey! I love to read what you write and I am SO PROUD to be your wife :)

      Thank you Hans, Dani, Kevin, Dr Jack & the rest of the DJC team for this wonderful radio show that we are sure to listen to over & over again. So much wisdom that will help our marriage to thrive & to help us groom our 4 sons to be the men that God created them to be.

  12. Todd Wiegand March 5, 2012

    What makes a man? I enlisted to serve my country. I served with pride and dignity and was able to do things that many others dream about. I took my training and experience into the “society” with every good intention of wanting to make a difference. God made me what I am and has given me all that I have! That is what makes a man. I was trained to function in any situation in any place. There is a systematic destruction going on with our society and way of life. To quote Edmund Burke ” All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to stand idly by and do nothing” I do not want to be one of those men!

  13. Hunter March 5, 2012

    Will you air this again? Sounds great.

  14. Tobias March 6, 2012

    Hi Dany & Hans,
    Hans, I thank you for coming on here. I just found out that we have a lot similarities. I’m a quiet ruby without a father, too and I’m dating a older, strong and independent business woman too. I’m so eager to listen more and learn more. … … I love my girl’s smile too! …. We are joining “first steps” as soon as possible.

  15. charles mphande March 6, 2012

    I missed the broadcast. Is there a recording, please?