January 30, 2012

What is Holding You Back From Success?

Hear real life success stories that will help you discover what is holding you back from success.


There always seems to be plenty of reasons why you can’t do the things you want to do – “I don’t have time,” “I don’t have the money,” “I don’t know how.” And the truth is, there will always be those reasons. But that’s when you have to make a decision. You must decide how bad you want it – whatever “it” is for you, whether it’s getting out of debt and being financially independent, making more money, helping more people, or simply having more fun – and what you’re willing to do to get it.

You have a choice every day to either settle for your “reasons” or to rise above and do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

In this Strategy Call, you will have the unique opportunity to hear from a few people who have chosen to put their reasons, excuses, and circumstances aside and press on to achieve their goals. These are people who have used Dani Johnson’s training to annihilate their debt, explode their income, and begin to live the life they have always desired – and they’re bringing others along with them!

In this Strategy Call, you will discover:

  • What is holding you back from success
  • How to make more money so you can accomplish what is important to you
  • The secret to paying off all your debt without increasing your income
  • How to persist in the face of adversity
  • The incredible power of inspiration

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