February 12, 2012

Would You Like To Supersize That?

Reduce the size of your waistline and increase the size of your wallet on The Dani Johnson Show!


Consider your busy schedule, kids have 30 minute window in between piano and soccer practice. With no time to cook dinner, let alone meal plan, you are more likely to drive-thru the local fast-food joint, buying into the save-time-and-money scheme, and order as 7 of 10 Americans do: “A large Economy Recession with extra stress and debt on the side. Hold the savings and investments, please.” Countless marketing schemes target the general population of too busy, tired, multi-tasking Americans.

And what many people do not realize, is that their hard earned cash is literally feeding a $110 billion industry. Listen to The Dani Johnson Show and discover how to outsmart this marketing scheme!

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