Imagine an orphan girl, abandoned and all alone. She stands there, neglected, with dirty clothes, attempting to survive life without any help whatsoever. Before you saw her there, you had no idea what she suffers, experiences, or needs. But without protection of a home, what awaits this orphan is a life of pain, abuse, starvation, and neglect.

While most people would turn their heads and look the other way, 1 amazing woman has taken these children in and loved them as her own. Leonie Gillham is the founder of The King’s Children’s Home in Belize, and has raised over 650 children in the last 25 years.

The King’s Children’s Home has outgrown their current home and is building a new orphanage. There are 90 children using just 2 bathrooms right now! So, once again Dani Johnson, Kevin McCullough, and Stephen Baldwin are partnering with King’s Ransom Foundation to aid these orphans. An anonymous donor has posted a $100,000 pledge for us to match. Donate now here. You may also call King’s Ransom Foundation at (888)291-7123. Every dollar you give will go directly to sheltering these lost and vulnerable children – literally giving then a roof over their head.

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