October 30, 2013

2 Keys To Unlock Career Success

Yesterday we talked about how facts tell, but stories sell. Testimonials really can change your business, but they can do SO much more than that! When I talk about prospecting […]


Yesterday we talked about how facts tell, but stories sell. Testimonials really can change your business, but they can do SO much more than that!

When I talk about prospecting or using techniques to help a business, do you ever tune out because you think it doesn’t apply to you? What 98% of the population doesn’t realize is that everybody is in sales.

You are always trying to sell… an idea, your expertise, a product or broccoli to your kid at dinner time. If you learn great sales techniques, you will notice a great change in every area of your life.

Specifically, I want to visit with you about testimonials again today. If you missed yesterday’s message — GO BACK NOW. I know that as you read this, you might be actively seeking work or maybe you aren’t happy at your current job.

Believe it or not, a job interview and even a resume are just like a sales presentation. You want to “sell” an employer on hiring you. And the same principles that work in sales presentations, work here.

Most resumes and job interviewer’s I’ve seen, LACK the two key foundations of sales. If you inject these two simple things into your life now, you will already be miles ahead of the competition.

  1. Did you know 98% of the population leave out SPECIFIC facts on their resume and in a job interview? Unlike sales prospects, an employer or manager shouldn’t have to look up or verify how good you are at something. Don’t just share a job description. Show numbers, show real results. If you were a weight-loss coach, how many pounds did you help people lose? If you sold cars, what was your biggest sales month?
  2. Remember, facts tell but stories sell. Include testimonials in your resume, cover letter or share them at the interview! Reference letters are great, but if you are trying to keep it short and sweet you can just add a two-sentence quotation directly on your resume from one of your references. Testimonials give an employer an idea exactly how you have changed the lives of people and maybe even the destiny of a company.

Don’t forget, use testimonials or stories with real, specific results. And it’s okay — even professionally expected within most industries — to ask people for testimonials, stories or reference letters. You can even write one for them and ask if they will approve it and change whatever they like. This takes the work off their shoulders and allows you to make sure all the important facts are included.

These tips I gave you today are huge! And to be honest, they normally aren’t the kind of tips I share on a whim… and the sort of information some career “gurus” would charge you big bucks to learn. So don’t take them lightly.

If you want a job, want a better job or even are just seeking a promotion, you need to make sure you have personal testimonials included in ALL your presentation materials. Always remember, whatever you do for a living, YOU ARE IN SALES! If you haven’t been applying to jobs with this mindset, take control of your career path.

I hope today’s message really helps you. Be sure to share your comments with me and “Like” today’s post. Also, join us tonight! At 8 pm ET/7 pm CT is our Spiritual Equipping Broadcast, so grab a pen and a notepad and be there!


In great faith,


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