March 25, 2013

3 Tips For Fun And Thrifty Living

I am so excited about what we get to talk about today! Because the truth is, there is a lot of talk out there about saving money. There is a […]


I am so excited about what we get to talk about today! Because the truth is, there is a lot of talk out there about saving money. There is a lot of advice and a lot of "experts" who are quick to offer ideas and systems to help you save mountains of money. But a lot of those ideas are missing one key element. This one key element is crucial if you want to save money and really be in it for the long haul.

What is that key element? FUN!

See, my family and I live a very simple life. We are multimillionaires, but we don’t live in a big, fancy house. In fact, we have the smallest house in our neighborhood! We don’t go out to eat at 5-star restaurants every day. I cook gourmet meals for my family every day on an average of $100/week. We don’t buy a new car, new computers, new cell phones, or even new clothes every year. Could we, if we wanted to? Yes! But I believe in living a very simple life.

But simple does not mean boring! You would be amazed by the comments I hear all the time from people who hear the truth about how we live, and they accuse us of being boring. HA! In reality, we have a very exciting, very fulfilling life!

You may be forced to be "thrifty" now because of a limited income or other circumstances. But living frugally has huge benefits, no matter what your income is. You may have heard me talk about the Law of Promotion before. It’s simple: If you can be trusted with what you have been given, you will be made ruler over much.

So here are 3 ways you can be faithful with what you have now, so that you can be made ruler over more:

  1. Get creative!

    There is a phrase I use quite often, and it really causes me to think outside the box and find creative solutions. It’s "Improvise in imperfection."

    For example, say you’re cooking dinner, and you are missing an ingredient. Most people would run to the store to grab that one ingredient (and probably pick up a few other things that were not on the list). I say NO WAY! I go to the grocery store once a week, and if I don’t have something I need, that’s just too bad, so sad! It’s time to get creative and improvise in imperfection.

  2. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
  3. There are lots of things you probably use on a regular basis that have multiple uses around your house, or even things that can be used over and over again that you may not have thought about reusing.

    For example, I have
    a big bottle of botanical soap that I use for everything! Seriously, it can be used to wash your hands and clean the counters. You can brush your teeth and the toilet with it. I buy it a couple times a year, and we use it for everything!

    Hand-me-downs is another big one. All of my kids wear hand-me-downs. I even wear hand-me-downs. We don’t buy new school clothes or new clothes for every season. And if you are doing that, you’ve been duped by advertisers who have led you to believe that kids need new clothes and shoes several times a year.

  4. Fun doesn’t have to be expensive!
  5. There are tons of cheap or free things to do for fun! All you have to do is Google it.
    Just search for free things to do in your city, and let the fun begin! Take the kids to the park, rediscover the joys of the great outdoors, go to museums, community movie nights. There are probably things to do in your city that you never even knew about.

    This goes for date night, as well! Being on a tight budget is no excuse for not having a date night with your spouse! If you look for free ways to have fun,
    you will surely find them!

Here’s the bottom line: Thrifty living does not mean boring living! It doesn’t mean deprived. Take it from me! If frugal living meant boring or deprived, do you think this multimillionaire would choose to live that way? No way! I believe in accumulating wealth without sacrificing your marriage, kids, health, or fun.

I would love to know YOUR best tips for thrifty living! What are some simple ways you have found to save money WITHOUT sacrificing the truly important things in life? Please share your comments below!

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