December 18, 2013

"Cheat Sheet" To Your Boss’ Motives

Have you ever dreamed of being able to read exactly what’s on your boss’ mind? Today, I’m about to make that possible… no hocus pocus, no Jedi mind tricks. It’s […]


Have you ever dreamed of being able to read exactly what’s on your boss’ mind? Today, I’m about to make that possible… no hocus pocus, no Jedi mind tricks. It’s just a glimpse into the “Mind Of A Boss” uncovering all those insights on how to get promoted, land a raise, score a big bonus or even get hired!

Can you imagine how this peek into the minds of your superiors at work could turn into big profits for you? You see, almost one quarter of all Americans are unsatisfied with their job because they’re underpaid. Is that you? Well, on this little journey through a boss’ “inner space” you’ll learn how to turn what you discover to your advantage!

Let me give it to you, straight from the bosses’ mouth… so to speak. I’ve spent two decades studying people and the majority of that time, I was also the boss! I know first-hand which specific characteristics set some employees apart from others.

So, today, you can choose to stay stuck in your underpaid job, complaining about how you’re unhappy. Or you can benefit from this knowledge coming straight from the mind of a boss and finally get noticed for that big promotion.

Be a problem solver: It’s easy to point out what isn’t working. It takes a higher level of leadership (which equals value to your company) to point out how to FIX something. Instead of complaining, think of what could be done better.

Be drama-free: If you’re constantly bickering or coming to your boss about gossip and conflicts, then you’re creating drama and stress! When it comes time to promote someone, do they want to promote someone who brings them stress or someone they trust to make their life easier and company run better?

Pay attention and take notes! I can’t tell you how many times I hear employers complain none of their employees know how to follow directions. DON’T be that employee! Using a poor memory as an excuse or missing a crucial detail is NOT the way to the top.

Be WORTH a promotion: Just because you clock in at 9 and clock out at 5 does not entitle you to a promotion. The number of years you’ve served the company does not even entitle you to that. Remember, to get noticed you have be worthy of it. Show your boss you’re willing to go the extra mile and I promise you will stand out.

In the past, some of these have been my biggest personal pet-peeves! Your boss might have a few of their own and if so, it’s easy to identify these potential career landmines… and steer very clear of them.

Pay attention to who your boss promotes and who they don’t. From these observations alone, you can basically assess what characteristics your boss values and what they avoid like the plague.

Also, don’t be afraid to sit down with your boss. Tell them you are interested in becoming more valuable to the company and ask what specifically you can do. It shows initiative and if you are doing something they find obnoxious, they might just come out and tell you right there!

I hope this perspective really helped you today and provided new information you can start using to make a change today! If you’re a boss, tell me what you are usually looking for when you promote or hire someone. Make sure to “Like” and “Share” today’s message and get the word out.

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