February 4, 2013

Crush Debt Oppression Starting With 3 Easy Steps

I was thinking about you this weekend and couldn’t wait to talk to you today. Last weekend, we were in Dallas, Texas with about 1,500 of our clients, and you’ll […]


I was thinking about you this weekend and couldn’t wait to talk to you today.

Last weekend, we were in Dallas, Texas with about 1,500 of our clients, and you’ll never believe what we saw… 133 people who have used our War On Debt program to pay off a collective 7.3 million dollars of debt in an average of 14 months!

Yes, you DID hear that right – over 7 million dollars in debt paid off! Not only that, but they also have 7 million dollars of income producing assets and 2.5 million dollars in savings. They are not living under the current economy – they have created their own!

You might be asking, "How did they do that?" or "Where did they start?" – especially if you are experiencing the oppresion and the pressure of debt. Today I want to share 3 simple steps to get you on the road to paying off all your debt in the shortest time possible.

How? There is a simple principle you must understand. Money goes from dumb to smart. So who are the smart people who have gotten our money, and what have we gotten in return?

You might not want to hear this, but it is true. No one wants to talk about it, but almost everyone feels the pressure.

If you are in debt, you have traded your freedom for slavery, and for what? Some stuff that you charged on your credit card? 3 trips to the grocery store this week? Starbucks? Do you even remember? You willingly handed over your hard-earned money to someone else’s bank account, and worst of all, you gave up your opportunity to make your money grow and to build wealth for yourself.

So where exactly did your money go? The credit card companies, banks, retail stores, and even our own government continues to lure you into a sinister form of slavery – debt.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a few facts about credit card debt:

  • The average debt is $14,750 per household (Most Americans should not use credit cards by
    Scott Lester)
  • 609.8 million credit cards held by U.S. consumers (www.creditcards.com)
  • A $1,000 charge takes just over 23 years to pay costing almost $2,300 in interest (25 Fascinating Facts about Personal Debt by Paul Baniste)
  • Americans are carrying a grand total of $798 billion in credit card debt (business.time.com)
  • The average annual percentage rate is steady at 15.13% (Yahoo Finance)

Why am I telling you this? You can immediately make interest on on your money. The simple truth is that paying off credit card debts (which average 15% interest) is as good as earning 15% risk-free on your own money!

So you can slash your credit card debt starting today and start earning interest on you money. How?

  1. Make paying off credit card debt a priority. Decide today to stop paying someone else to use your money in return for debt. Your decision becomes the anchor for every purchase you make or decide not to make. Action follow decision – are you in or out of the War on Debt?
  2. Use cash, NOT credit cards. Most people use a credit cards because they are living beyond their means. To ashamed to say no and sink further and further into debt. Remember a credit card is not cash! It is slavery. When faced with using a credit, as yourself which is more important to you freedom or slavery?
  3. Choose who you give your money to. Believe it or not, you can choose who to give your money to. You don’t have to agree with all the media around you saying buy, buy, buy. Why? Because money goes from dumb to smart. The good news is you get to decide which side you are on – dumb or smart?

Won’t you join me in opening a door for others today? Please share your story below as you march ahead to freedom with the War on Debt army. As you share your comments, you will not only encourage others, but inspire them to join the War on Debt.

I really hope you have an awesome week. I believe in you, and I am so thankful for you. And until next time, God bless!


In great faith,


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