Nearly one year ago Dani Johnson launched her syndicated radio show. The Dani Johnson Show has continued to pick up more listeners and more broadcasters nation wide. This next weekend marks an even greater achievement, as The Dani Johnson Radio Show will be airing live on satellite radio!

That’s right, The Dani Johnson Show will now be live on SiriusXM on channel 131. For first timers and long time listeners alike what this means is, many of you won’t be be tied to the computer to listen anymore! You can actually listen to the broadcast LIVE on the radio nationwide from anywhere.

While this exciting news helps you, it will mark a big increase in listeners. Almost 99 stations have picked The Dani Johnson Show since the syndication launch, going satellite will expand the show’s influence to a potential 28 million people in North America. As more and more viewers flock to hear what Dani Johnson has to say, the possibilities and opportunities for the show’s growth also expand.

If you are a SiriusXM listener, join us on 131 LIVE this Sunday at 9pm ET/8pm CT to share in the historic first time broadcast. Embark on this mission and adventure with us!

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