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Do This One Thing To Increase Harmony, Productivity, And Value

What I want to share with you today is a goal that you may want to consider setting for this year. It is a goal that my husband, Hans, actually […]

What I want to share with you today is a goal that you may want to consider setting for this year. It is a goal that my husband, Hans, actually provoked me to set.

When I woke up yesterday morning, after I spent my quiet time reflecting on some wisdom and doing my normal morning routine, I looked at my schedule for the day. I saw that I had some meetings with Hans and a few other individuals.

Hans and I have worked together for 21 years. I would say that out of all my business relationships, my relationship with Hans is by far the most challenging. If I categorize my life and relationships, our marriage is really awesome. But the biggest challenge we’ve had is working together and being business partners.

We had a big meeting with several people back in December as we were wrapping up the year and making some big decisions for 2013. Most of that meeting went absolutely awesome, but towards the end it started to get a little squirrelly.

When the meeting was over, I was not very happy. All of last year, I really worked on my conduct and attitude in meetings with my husband. For years, I have really focused on becoming a better wife, and I feel like I’ve done well there. But the part I did not discern is that it’s not just about being a wife, but I am also a business partner and I am working with the CEO of our company.

Through all of what we did last year with Job Domination, teaching people how to excel in their performance and climb to the top in their business or career, I really got convicted. I began to look in the mirror and see what my conduct was in relation to my boss. I had never looked at my relationship with Hans in that way prior to that.

I was blown away by Hans’ leadership after the meeting. He sent me a text message afterwards, saying, "I lost my focus at the end of that meeting. Will you please forgive me, I think I provoked you. I’m really sorry. That was not my intention." So I texted him back and said, "What do you mean, you lost your focus?" He replied, "My goal in all of our meetings is to, above all else, honor you. Regardless of whether or not I agree with your position, my highest priority is to honor you."

I was standing in my closet when I received that text, and I fell to my knees and just said, "Oh my gosh! That is so huge! Forgive me for never thinking of that!" I had never thought to set a goal to honor Hans above all else – in every setting, but especially in business settings. Regardless of whether or not we see eye to eye on ideas and decisions and plans, I am to honor him.

Hans’ goal really amazed me. He had not shared that with me, so I had no idea until I asked him. And that led me to set the same goal – to, above all, honor Hans.

Yesterday, I was preparing for a meeting with that same group of people. I was in prayer yesterday morning, saying, "Okay, Lord, I need to keep my focus on honoring Hans as my husband and as the CEO of our company." That is the example I need to set.

So I want to pass that along to you today, because if you make that your focus, not just in your marriage, but in your work life as well, it changes the entire equation! Regardless of the little things that may cause you to get angry or frustrated, when your goal is to honor the other person, then you suddenly find the right words and nonverbal communication.

I would encourage you to consider adding this to your goals for the year. Because that, above all else, is going to help your reputation in the marketplace and bring more harmony at work and at home. You are going to feel better about yourself. You’re going to have more confidence. It will greatly increase your value.

You and I both have been in discussions and meetings where we have walked out feeling like, "Ugggh, I was an idiot in there. I didn’t set a good example. Now I have to go apologize to everyone in that meeting." And that really stinks!

So let’s be proactive – or what Hans talks about at Creating a Dynasty is the offensive mindset. Let’s go into 2013 with an offensive mindset.

Regardless of our position, we are supposed to honor one another. If you know you’ve messed up in the area of dishonoring the head of the home or the head of the organization, make it right!

2013 could be your best year yet if all you do is focus on this one thing. Above all else, honor the people around you.

And by the way, please share this with your spouse, business partners, co-workers, family, and friends! I’m sure you can think of some people who need to have this goal for 2013. So go ahead and pass this message along and post it on Facebook so you can bring more harmony into your office, home, and life this year! (And don’t forget to leave me your feedback in the comments section below!)

I believe that you and I together can make a difference in people’s lives. We will see families whole again. We will see companies thrive again. We will see finances changing forever, just by simply making sure we spread this message.

I hope you have an awesome day and a powerful, productive, and fun week! God bless!


In great faith,


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