July 10, 2013

Face Your Next Job Interview Head-On!

Do you remember your very first job interview? What was it like? What kind of questions were you asked? How did you feel? Were you intimidated? Scared? Excited? Confident? I […]


Do you remember your very first job interview? What was it like? What kind of questions were you asked? How did you feel? Were you intimidated? Scared? Excited? Confident?

I learned something incredibly profound in my first job interview. I was 19 years old, and I was interviewing for a high paying job I was totally unqualified for. It was a custom decorator position, and I had ZERO experience.

There were 26 women applying for this one position, and most of them were twice my age. They were all dressed to the nines. They were well put together and professional, and there I was, with my pink dress and big plastic black belt. (Remember, this was the 80’s!) I was a total fish out of water! I’m sure you can imagine how I felt during this interview.

I was the last interview of the day. I sat down with the manager and said, "Mike, I just want to be upfront with you. I have absolutely NO experience at all. But I promise you this: If you give me a chance, I will give it my best. If you are willing to teach me, I will work the hardest and be the best decorator you’ve ever had."

By the time I got home, there was a message on my answering machine that said, "Dani, you’re hired! If you can leave tomorrow to go to Seattle for 3 weeks to be trained, the job is yours!"

I know you’re thinking, "Dani, that’s never going to work for me!" HELLO! I was an inexperienced, uneducated, unqualified 19-year-old girl. But I didn’t let that stop me from applying for that position. I was upfront and honest, and I didn’t try to be someone or something I wasn’t.

The best thing I had going for me was that I was hungry and teachable, and I was willing to work hard and learn everything I possibly could. And because of that, I was the number one decorator my very first month, and I broke store records every month after that.

All the time, I hear people say, "Dani, I just can’t find a job that I’m qualified for. I didn’t go to college, so nobody is going to hire me." But what would happen if you took this approach in your next job interview? If it worked for me at 19 years old, it can work for you too!

Most employers are NOT looking for a perfect person who has it all together and already knows everything — they know they’re not going to find that! They are looking for someone who is teachable and will work hard. Do not try to be someone you’re not, because the truth will come out eventually. Just focus on doing your best and having the right attitude. Your attitude is everything! We ALL have limitations, limitations we create in our own heads. STOP DOING THAT!!! ATTACK and go beyond your own limitations. It’s time to STOP thinking like everyone else and start tearing down the walls of limitations stopping us from being ALL we are called to be!!

What would happen if you took this approach every day in your job? If you choose to remain hungry and teachable, there is no limit to what you can learn and achieve!

It’s no secret that millions of people are unemployed right now. In fact, you probably know several personally. This message could be exactly what your friend or family member needs to land a job, so go ahead and pass this along to them! (You can send via email, or post this link on Facebook and Twitter!)

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In great faith,


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