Dani Johnson’s rag to riches story was featured February 13, 2013 in the Forbes article titled ‘How One Woman Went From Homeless to Millionaire In Less Than Two Years’, written by Maseena Ziegler. The article garnered an astonishing 12k Facebook shares and 1.2k tweets over a 24-hour period.

Forbes is again featuring Dani Johnson, going even deeper into the life of a multi-millionaire many times over, who runs five companies, and travels around the world giving back to orphans and widows.

“As with anyone who overcomes the greatest of odds to achieve spellbinding success, stories such as these offer hope. We search within them for that truth or secret or magic elixir if you will, that could open up the Aladdin’s Cave in our own lives.”

She started a business from a pay phone booth and the trunk of her car, while she was homeless, going from homeless to millions in less than two years.

Dani shared one of her secrets, always learning from successful people. She said, “Even now, I have a notepad in hand and I ask questions. ‘How did you do it? What was the defining moment? What’s the big tip you can give me?’ If you’re always learning, you’re always growing. This [habit] has carried me out of bad situations and set me up for big situations.”

As an entrepreneur, wife, mother of five children and grandmother of four, Dani simplified her proven multi-million dollar expert business, money and relationship secrets into easy to follow methods that help people from all walks of life achieve the success of their dreams.

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