August 28, 2013

How To Become Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

When I first got started in business, I heard a successful entrepreneur say, "Learn more about people than you do about your product or service and you will be unusually […]


When I first got started in business, I heard a successful entrepreneur say, "Learn more about people than you do about your product or service and you will be unusually successful." That has stuck with me for 25 years.

Over the years, I have studied people everywhere I go — in airports, ships, hotels, grocery stores, offices, other people’s homes. Through my extensive study of people, I have learned how different people think, what motivates people, how they interact with others, what their dreams and desires are.

I’ve also seen what makes people want to hire someone, fire them or promote them. I want to show you just one example of that today, because this really can impact every area of your professional and personal life.

You’ve been into a dollar store, right? What does a dollar store employee look like? She is sloppy, chomping on her gum, and looks like she just rolled out of bed. She is on the phone and clearly not interested in you, the customer. She has a bad attitude and no communication skills. She actually treats the customers like they are an inconvenience to her. You go to check out, and she does not smile, does not make eye contact, and she moves sooooo slow.

How does that experience make you feel? You want to get out of that store quickly. You are annoyed by the rude and sloppy employee who does not make you feel welcome. In fact, you probably avoid going to that store, altogether.

Tell me — what does that do for business? Does that help the company make more money or does behavior like that lose that store money? Does it gain more customers or does it lose customers?

So my question for you today is what is YOUR work ethic? Are you the dollar store employee in your office? Are you professional? Do you look professional? Are you well-dressed? Do you get frustrated when someone asks you a question? Do you smile? Are you happy to see your clients and co-workers? Do you constantly look like you’re having a bad day?

It is so important to answer these questions honestly today. Because the reality is, your position in your company exists to make the company more money, either directly or indirectly. If your attitude or conduct drives customers away, the company will lose money. If the company loses money, you will be replaced by someone who will work with excellence and diligence and who will bring in more customers and make the company more money. That is the kind of employee who gets promotions and raises and bonuses.

That kind of employee goes out of his way to make the customer happy. He smiles and makes eye contact. He remembers the customer’s name and speaks clearly and with respect. He is clean, well-dressed and professional. He makes the customer look forward to coming back again and again.

Today, focus on becoming the employee that will be promoted instead of demoted or fired. You will be shocked by how quickly you can move up in your company if you make just a few simple changes.

It would be a great idea to pass this along to your entire company today. Even if you have a wonderful, professional team, there is always room for improvement! Print this out and pass it around in the office, or post this link on your social media sites.

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