The results are already pouring in from the first session of From Social Distraction to Magnetic Attraction social media webinar by Dani Johnson. If you happen to read Dani’s Facebook page, you’ve probably seen how many were getting instant results!

Meggan Larson used the skills she learned from Dani to mobilize her Facebook friends to help bless 230 people with Christmas in 2012 – food, gifts, clothing and more. Others used their skills to partner with Kings Ransom Foundation to raise the roof on a Belize orphanage and bring the children a Christmas blessing.

Still others have used these skills to land their dream jobs! Here is Mary Howard’s story in her own words.

"I love social media! I’ve gotten into BIG trouble with Facebook before…almost 5 years ago I got suspended from my job for a week because of something I posted on my wall. I definitely learned my lesson then! But then I learned how to really USE Facebook the right way, and that’s how I got my current job (which is totally my DREAM job). I actually got paid to be on Facebook! It’s crazy what can happen once you learn how to use social media the right way…"

One gentleman confessed he was not making new friends or talking with people about his business on Facebook. But after he made one simple change learned at the webinar, he got five new friend requests and people started asking about his business.

Dani Johnson, former homeless woman, now a homeschooling self-made millionaire mom, with five children and four grand-children has done it again! She over delivered with her step-by-step strategies on how to make money, land a dream job, mobilize people for a cause on Facebook… to a select few.

Dani Johnson and her entire team is looking forward to seeing you for PART 2 next Tuesday February 12, 2013 at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT! If you missed tonight, you can still register and watch the video of what you missed!

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