April 25, 2013

One Factor That Brings Success (Or Failure)

Do you realize you’re being mentored by someone every single day? My husband and I were in a conversation recently, and he brought up this issue. We were observing a […]


Do you realize you’re being mentored by someone every single day? My husband and I were in a conversation recently, and he brought up this issue. We were observing a young woman (we’ll call her Sally) who had been making some very poor choices in their life. It’s always heartbreaking when you watch that, especially when it’s a family member or someone close to you. And a lot of times, it has to do with a lack of maturity or a past filled with making poor decisions.

Something flew out of Hans’ mouth during that conversation that was just so profound. He said, “Well, Sally is being mentored by someone who does these same sort of things.”

You and I are being mentored daily by a number of different things. I want you to think about the different influences you have in your life. Look at the quality of those influences.

Some people chose to be mentored by television every single day. What you have to decide is, “What is the fruit in my life from being mentored by television?” You may say, “But it’s good! The fruit is, it helps me relax.” NO, it’s not! The fruit is that you spend more money because you’re being advertised to. Not only that, but you’re being mentored by the mindsets the script writers are passing into you. You are being conditioned to think a certain way about money, marriage, society, violence, and life, depending on what kind of show you’re watching.

If you listen to the radio, you are being mentored by radio show hosts and music. You’re being mentored by the lyrics that are being spoken into your ears, which is feeding your mind.

You are also being mentored by your friends, family members, and co-workers. When you give your time over to someone or something, you are giving them the power to mentor you and form your mind.

The bottom line is, you and I are being molded and mentored by someone or something every day, and that can work for you, or against you.

When it comes to the mentoring that’s happening in your life, your kids’ lives, and your family’s lives, you really have to look at the fruit that’s coming from the people you’re spending a lot of time with. Look at what you are allowing them to speak into your life. What kind of advice are they giving you? Because if they don’t have what you want – the character and maturity, or if they gossip, if they’re jealous, or broke – you want to be careful. Find a different kind of mentor!

Sometimes the people you spend a lot of time with, or like I mentioned earlier, the TV or radio, just do not benefit your life. They are not giving you wisdom and building character in you, or giving you good financial and marital advice. But we are so easily influenced by the people around us.

So I want to encourage you today to look at the fruit in your life and observe the lifestyle, character, and priorities of the people who are mentoring you so you can determine whether or not you will let them influence you.

The situation Hans and I were discussing is so sad, because Sally has made such poor decisions has been surrounded by several people who have made equally poor choices in their lives. The person who is mentoring her has a track record of destroying relationships, their own physical body, hurting themselves and others, a lot of substance abuse, physical abuse, and flat-out hatred and malice. The kind of influence that is being poured into Sally is causing her to live a lifestyle nobody on this earth wants to live.

I want you to think about that today. Who are you drawing information and character from? Who are you drawing wisdom from? And you will become the very person you’re being mentored by, whether that is a character in a book or movie, or a person in your life. That’s really scary, if you think about it.

Who you lend your ears to, who you hang out with, who you go to to “vent” or gossip, and who you let speak into your life – do you want to become them? If not, then you may not want to have those kinds of conversations with them anymore. I’m not saying don’t talk to them. But be very careful what you do talk to them about.

If your “mentors” do not have the right kind of character and leadership, they can actually encourage you to do really bad, hurtful, wrong things that complicate your life, and cause you to suffer the consequences. And not only that, but their advice could lead you in a direction that could hurt your business, career, and finances, and completely cut off opportunities from your life.

As I have worked with thousands of people all over the world, I’ve watched it happen to so many people. It can come from just one bad influence in a person’s life, one bad seed planted by someone whose entire life is full of disgusting fruit. All it takes is one.

I’m telling you this today to say be careful who you allow to speak into your life! Be careful who you take advice from. I have watched people’s lives get so messed up, just from taking advice from a person who is leading them down the wrong path.

Make sure you have good, wise counsel in your life. Look at their character, look at their track record, and look at the fruit in their lives to determine whether or not their advice will lead you into success in your business, finances, career, and relationships.

My friend, have you ever had an experience with bad advice? Have you ever observed a situation like I told you about today? I would love to get your input on this topic. Please leave your comments for me below.

This is also a very important message to spread to your friends and family. It would be a really good idea to print this out so you can read and discuss it with your family today. You may also want to pass it around at work today. And don’t forget to share this link on Facebook and Twitter, as well! Let’s get this message out to the people we care about!


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