February 26, 2013

Recruiting Irreplaceable Employees

Do you ever hear people complaining about how they can’t find a job? And at the same time, employers are complaining they can’t hire good help? It seems like such […]


Do you ever hear people complaining about how they can’t find a job? And at the same time, employers are complaining they can’t hire good help? It seems like such a backwards deal that so many in our nation are unemployed, and yet there are managers begging for good employees!

This message today is especially for those of you in business who are looking to expand or hire new employees. (And for those of you have a job or will ever apply for another job, listen up!) We talked a little bit last week about how training a great team can create a better environment and skyrocket your profits.

But it all starts with the recruiting. In some corporate places the standards can be a bit strict, but we all know the best fit isn’t always the most qualified. In fact the most teachable are often the ones who know very little! However, there is one very key skill you should look out for.

If you’ve been to First Steps to Success or read First Steps to Wealth, you likely know the term. It’s called employee-preneur. It is an employee who carries the mindset of an entrepreneur. So how do you, as a recruiter, know the difference?

An employee is someone who clocks in and clocks out. They push the paper or crunch the numbers and collect the paycheck. They do the bare minimum. They do what is asked of them, and no more. Though, they do often cut corners and look for the easy way out.

An entrepreneur is invested in their company and wants it to succeed. They have initiative. Entrepreneurs are constantly working on their personal skill levels so they can keep up in the competitive marketplace of today’s world. Employee-preneurs will do the same. Not only do they follow instructions, but they naturally see a need and will fill it.

When was the last time you think your employees actually thought about company expenses? Do they try to save you money, or do they waste office supplies, as they think, "That money isn’t coming out of my pocket, so who cares?" Employee-preneurs do care. They treat company expenses as if it was coming out of their own pocket or paycheck.

Employee-preneurs are also going to be the ones who stick around when things get tough, and they will eventually become irreplaceable assets to your company. So my advice to all recruiters when you are hiring is to look for someone who shares the vision of your company. Keep an eye out for those people who want the company to excel, not just the people who want to pay the bills.

If you are one of those who aren’t hiring and are an employee, my advice is, as always, to prosper where you are planted. In today’s economy, you may find yourself in a job that maybe isn’t your cup of tea. But if you want to see your bank account grow, see better job positions, earn better job recommendations, and gain a whole new world of opportunities, start being an employee-preneur now!

You probably know a few people who could benefit from this message. Whether it is someone looking for work or one of those business owners and recruiters who can’t seem to find any good help, if you know anybody who could benefit from this mindset, share this post with them on Facebook & Twitter. Leave me a comment also!


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