October 15, 2013

Success: Where Business & Faith Intersect

When you were younger, did you believe in Santa? Or the Easter Bunny? How about the Tooth Fairy? Maybe you believed your dad was Superman or another secret superhero in […]


When you were younger, did you believe in Santa? Or the Easter Bunny? How about the Tooth Fairy? Maybe you believed your dad was Superman or another secret superhero in disguise. Kids have the most beautiful ability to demonstrate complete and honest faith, with absolutely no need for proof.

Faith is not based on proof, and it needs no evidence, leading to a lot of confusion and skepticism out there about the true nature of “faith.” Generally, faith is seen as some kind of religious thing. But in truth, it is simply having confidence or placing trust in something. And we were all born with this precious gift of faith.

Faith is what allowed you to believe in Santa as a kid. And, as adults, faith actually changes an individual’s behavior and can set you up for “unbelievable” success. And believe it or not, without faith it is impossible to succeed!

Some people just sit around waiting for proof or evidence telling them they positively CAN do something, instead of actually getting up, making a decision and taking action. The opposite of faith is fear, or even procrastination (which is usually based in some sort of fear).

When you’re ready to start a business, or you experience a hiccup somewhere along the road in your business, it comes down to one decision on your part. Are you going to decide to have faith and move forward, or are you choosing fear and procrastination?

Maybe, your fear of starting your own business comes up because you’re terrified of calling people or sounding like a slimy salesman. You have to use your faith to work your warm markets. Carry that faith when calling your leads, making presentations — knowing you will see results. If they aren’t the results you want, then you adjust, stay consistent and keep moving forward…on faith. Just know faith is a choice! You have to choose to believe in yourself and you don’t need the immediate proof that it’s working to take that first leap of faith!

If you struggle with fear and procrastination in your business, it means you lack faith! Here are two simple steps to help you CHOOSE faith: 1. Celebrate your small accomplishments! These are sprouts that have the potential to someday grow into a great crop. But those sprouts must be nurtured, watered and protected!

In times when you are down or you need an extra push, these sprouts serve as reminders that while you may not be where you want to be, you are not where you used to be! 2. Use other people’s success to encourage you. Read testimonials or stories of people who have been where you are and pushed through it. If they can do it, it means you can do it, as well.

This not only builds faith in yourself, but also faith in what you’re doing.

It’s time for you to make your choice! Fear or faith? Leave your answers for me on Facebook or Twitter and make sure to share today’s message. Tell me about your sprouts and be sure to celebrate the sprouts of others in your circle of influence!

Tomorrow night we share time together for our weekly Spiritual Equipping Broadcast. Grab a pen and paper and meet me on your television, computer, radio or even mobile phone!


In great faith,


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